My favorite places in Budapest

I love my city! Budapest is just a wonderful European city, with special places to discover. If I ever feel low, or want to breathe some fresh air, maybe even find inspiration I can take a walk which after I always feel like, as if all my problems were solved.

I love discovering the city even though I lived here all my life. I still find new destinations and hidden gems, because of the variety of the city’s sights.

But of course I have my own favorite spots and places, so I thought I would share that with you guys. What are my favorite places here as a citizen?

1.St.Stephen’s Basilica

The Basilica is one of my all time favorite places. The building is just breathtaking both from outside and inside. It is easy to get there and the surrounding restaurants and cafes also have this elegance and cozy vibe to them. A perfect day is to have a coffee next to the Basilica and admire its architectural beauty.

Pro tip: If you ever visit the Basilica, you have to check out the back of it as well. While the entrance is also magnificent, the back side of it is underrated!

2.Margaret Island

Margaret Island is just this really big green zone in the heart of Budapest. I love how easy it is to approach it and enjoy some form of nature without traveling a lot. Margaret Island is filled with different activities, sights and other places to discover. It’s an easy and loveable program, which you can participate in whenever you want to.

Pro tip: Try to visit Margaret Island during night, since there is a beautiful fountain there. When the Sun goes then there is a laser/light show there served with music. That’s one of my personal favorites.

3.The Castle of Buda

The Castle is my favorite place to take a walk in. The buildings, the streets, the museums all hold the heavy history that they have seen. It has a really special vibe, where people can feel like they are just walking in History. Not to mention the panorama and the great photoshoot spots.

Pro tip: Wander in the Castle more times of the day since it has a different side for the morning, for the day and for the night.


The Chairlift is a great way to get above the city and see Budapest from the view of birds. The Chairlift starts from Zugló and goes all the way up to János mountain. You can also buy some drinks or snacks for the road all the way up and back down. Just enjoy the view and the calming nature that borders the Chairlift.

Pro tip: Spend some time at the top as well. Visit the Elisabeth viewpoint which is a beautiful building and it even brings you higher, providing the ultimate panorama of Budapest.

5.Madal cafe

Walking around the city can be so tiring. You just have to stop sometimes to take a break and drink a coffee, am I right?

My favorite cafeteria is actually Madal cafe, which is a specialty coffee shop. They have one of the most tasty coffees I have ever drank in my life. Not to mention the inspirational aura the whole place has. It is the perfect place for me to get productive and just get on with all my stuff while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or some bakery they make.

Pro tip: There are actually three shops of Madal in Budapest and my favorite one is next to Parliament, so you can combine a little sightseeing with a coffee.

6.Bestsellers bookstore

This is a foreign language bookstore where I like to buy my English books. I also love the vibe of the place, because it is a bit different than a lot of average Hungarian bookstores.

I love the fact that they have books in other languages like Italian, which I’ve learned in High School, so I can also get my hands on Italian books which are even more rare then English books in Hungary.

Pro tip: They also have Hungarian classics translated to English, so you can get a taste of Hungarian literature. The employees will gladly recommend the best classics to make sure you get a book you’re gonna love!

7.Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is just such a unique place. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere in the world before. It is so hard to describe this place. It’s located in an old factory as a huge pub and cinema, with so many different elements and objects.

Szimpla defines itself as a ’cultural reception space’. They aim to hold everything that is off mainstream and present them to anyone who is interested.

They have all sorts of activities like concerts, garage fairs, vintage markets, live events, movies and so much more!

Pro tip: Look up the programs on the internet and prepare to spend the whole day there. Chat with people, get to know Hungary and its alternative world.

8.Liberty Bridge

There are nine bridges in Budapest connecting the two sides (Buda and Pest) together. The Chain Bridge is one of the most famous ones since it is the oldest (and the most special for a lot).

My favorite is the Liberty Bridge though. The whole view from there is a hidden part of Budapest, showing a whole different side of it. Also I love the surroundings on both Buda and Pest.

Pro tip: During summer on Sundays the Liberty Bridge is actually closed for cars. You can only walk on it so people like to sit outside (even bring swing beds that they put on the pillars) and just hang out there. You can also sit on some parts of the bridge when it is not closed, so you can enjoy the view of the city and have a little picnic on the bridge.

So these were some of my favorite places in my home city, Budapest. I love to live in this city, because it is so special and beautiful. I had time to discover these places so I can tell you that if you ever plan on visiting the capital of Hungary make sure to put one of these places on your list to see.

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