My travel Bucket list

I feel drawn to discover new things and explore this colorful world we live in. It is so rich in people, in landscapes, in cultures and experiences. I may not be the only one who wants to see it all.

I always loved to travel with my family and friends. Every country, every city is different from the other one and your soul can absorb more and more of it. Because let me tell you, this Earth is absolutely beautiful with everything that’s in it.

So today I thought, I will just share with you my list of top cities (and you can also think about the country they can be found in) of what I want to visit as soon as possible.

They are not in a particular order, just how they came to my mind.


    Since I live in Europe, London is a must see for me. My brother visited the city several times (even lived there for a couple of months), so I’ve heard all the stories, how great and special it is. I have to see it. 

    Not to mention my love for the Harry Potter series. I need to see England for myself. 


    I’ve already visited different parts of Italy, but somehow I’ve never managed to buy a ticket to Rome. This is such a disgrace, since I learned Italian in high school, so it would make perfect sense to visit Rome.

I love Italians and their country! I mean, the food is great, the people are friendly, the sights and cities are amazing. Heck Rome is even one of the most artistic cities in Europe! I feel like this city would be a perfect fit for me. 


Everyone from my family has been in Barcelona except me and I’ve been hearing for literally years how great it is. We were even thinking, that if we had to move as a family, Barcelona would be the perfect choice. We considered spending a whole summer there, but it never happened and I haven’t had the chance to get there since then. 


Paris is just iconic. With all the arts, sights, style, fashion and love that is in the city France and Paris is something I can’t miss out! I just feel this special classy vibe that I want to experience.


Because of Global Warming in Hungary it’s really rare to experience a real winter season. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time now to visit one of the Scandinavian countries during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Just imagine! Getting a cabin in the snowy forest, with a fireplace in it, drinking hot chocolate and listening to music is just a scene I want to exprience.


This is another city that my whole family has already visited except me. What I’ve heard from other people, Amsterdam seems a little different from other European cities. I’ve only heard good things about it so I might just check it out if I can find any negative stuff. (Don’t think so.)


When I first thought about going to university I started to search Denmark and during my research the whole country became sympathetic so even though I ditched the idea to study there I would still like to visit this city with all the art, peace and love it has to offer.


My first story that I’ve ever written at the age of 12, actually takes place in Toronto, Canada. (I have no idea why) I’ve never been there, so you can imagine how accurate that story was. It would be so funny for me to just wander around the city and see how different Toronto was in my imagination than in real life. 

Los Angeles

Come on! I hope no one is surprised to see this city on my list. I know it’s basic, but for me, as a Hungarian everything is interesting in the USA. When I go there, why not start with one of the most iconic and well known cities? I hope you understand me.


Havana oh na na. Cuba and Havana, oh my gosh! There is a photo and art gallery in Budapest where I often like to go, because they always change the pictures that are out. Let me tell you, they are absolutely gorgeous. 

Werner Pawlok is a famous photographer and he had a smaller exhibition in the gallery, his theme was Cuba. That’s when I fell in love with the island and Havana.


I know it’s dangerous, but I guess that is the interesting thing about Mexico. (I am always up for a little adrenalin) 

My favorite holiday is Halloween (yes I am the one in the friend group who is OBSESSED with spooky season and pumpkin spice latte). I love how the world takes a little absurd turn during that time of the year. Especially the holiday in Mexico after October 31st. 

That is Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). We have something like this in Hungary as well, but it’s much more depressing than the colorful holiday in Mexico. I want to see that in real life!

Buenos Aires

I have to check out something in South America as well! Argentina seems like a great idea. To be honest I don’t know a lot about this country and that is why it interests me even more. I want something that is fully a surprise!

Rio de Janeiro

Mostly the vibe, climate and land drives me to Rio. Rio is like how I imagine paradise. The sights, the weather, food. Everything just seems like an amazing place to spend your time. 


Japan and Tokyo are so different from any other cities on this Earth. The technology and the culture is something you can’t see on every corner. That’s why I also like to think about living there for a short period of time. To soak in the city, the culture and people. To live like a real citizen there. What other aspects of life are different there?


Australia is so far away from Europe, yet I still don’t feel like it differs that much from other countries. The architecture of Sydney is really interesting though. I’ve wanted to be an interior designer for a short time, so I am a bit interested in all kinds of architectural arts. Besides that, I just want to check out the other differences. 


Do you know anyone that has ever been to Alaska? Neither do I! I feel like Alaska is not a popular tourist destination, but I am sure it is full of adventures and new places to discover. Not to mention the huskys!


I would be insane to miss out one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Egypt also appeals to me because of its cultural differences, special landscape and nowhere else seen architecture of the ancient world. I want to see the pyramids! Can you blame me for it?


This is another city that I feel like is so different from what I am used to. The life and buzzing that fills it’s streets is so special. Also Thailand in general is a great place for me to get to know more about the spiritual world which was always interesting to me. 

New Delhi

We lived in India for half a year when I was 5 years old. It definitely added to my personality, but the age of 5 is exactly the state of your life where you can’t appreciate enough the fact that you are living in a totally different country! That is a life lasting memory! Still I can only remember most of it, because we rewatch the videos every year that we made there. 

That’s why New Delhi is on the list. I need to revisit India.

So that’s my little list so far which is undeniably long. I want to get to know this world so I am aiming to visit all of the countries in my life. These are just the ones that interest me more.

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