Places I’ve been to

I absolutely love to travel and I have many points on my bucket list which are really about seeing and experiencing the world. For example, I want to live one month in 12 different countries in one year, or visit all countries at least once.

I already wrote a blog post about the places I want to visit as soon as possible (you can read it if you click here), but what about the places I’ve already been to?

Here is the list of countries, cities or islands where I have ever set foot on. 

Lake Como – Italy

This was actually a random road trip we took with my mom and aunt. My aunt is a truck driver and she had to deliver something for a photoshoot so she invited us to join her on the road.

Lake Como is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before. The lake is bordered with huge mountains, clouds covering the top of them. The whole place looks as if it was raised closer to the sky.

Not to mention those typical Italian houses with orange or brick walls and tiled roofs. It has this special spice into it, which makes it so unique. I am not surprised at all that a lot of celebrities have their weekend houses here. It was a random trip, but one of the most gorgeous ones.

Edinburgh – Scotland

We were in Scotland with our class in elementary school. Since this trip was organized by our school it was built up in a way that we could see and enjoy a wide range of places and programs. You know how school trips work. They want to educate you as much as possible and since this wasn’t a cheap journey, our teachers made sure that we would enjoy every second of it so we can only tell good things about it at home.

So yeah. It was definitely a great experience with my friends, but I am sure I will revisit the city and country as soon as possible.

Vienna – Austria

This one is pretty cool. We went to Vienna with one of my girlfriends in the summer of 2021 for only one day. From Budapest Vienna is not far away, around 3 hours by train and this trip has a special place in my heart. This was my first trip ever that I’ve paid for myself.

We’ve spent the whole day seeing and experiencing everything we could in that one day and it is one of the greatest memories in my life. Just two girls wandering around the city, soaking in the vibe and history the buildings and places had to show us. It was great.

Tatra Mountains – Slovakia

We used to go to the Tatra Mountains during winter to ski. I was probably around 10 when we went there, but the Tatra Mountains are definitely one of my favorite places where I have ever skied. There is a huge ski paradise with all the cozy huts and breathtaking panoramas.

I also loved the aquapark, Tatralandia, which is located there. You can imagine how my 10 year old self was so hyped about water slides, pirate ships and all of that stuff.

Corfu – Greece

My family is obsessed with Greece, especially Corfu and I get it! Corfu is a small island in Greece but it is so nice! Green and fresh, clear waters and a special vibe. It’s not a surprise to me that even Sissi, the wife of Franz Joseph I, went there to heal from a disease that affected her lungs. Corfu is the perfect place for regeneration.

Crete – Greece

As I have mentioned before, we just love Greece, so we had to check out a more famous island with an important history.

Crete is another world, I am telling you! There is the ancient world in every corner of the island, with amazing landscapes and bright sunshine. If you don’t know what to visit in Greece, Crete is a safe choice. You can’t miss this island.


And last but not least, India. 

In 2008 we moved to India for half a year, just for fun! I was 5 at the time, which is a bummer, because a 5-year-old can’t appreciate the fact that she is on another continent. Yeah sure, it was great, but my kid self was like “I can play games anywhere”. 

It definitely gave a lot to my personality, but I am sure I will revisit this country as well. I wonder whether I will be triggered by smells or places. It would be fun.

These were some places I’ve visited out of my country. These trips made me fall in love with traveling, which I will do more of. I already know what other cities and countries I want to visit in the near future. I can’t wait for new adventures to come.

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