Basics you need in your wardrobe

Every person is different, therefore everyone has their own unique style. In order to build a style, you will need to find the basic elements of your wardrobe, from which you can start your fashion empire.

These pieces of clothing should be easy to combine and they most likely won’t be the main part of your outfit if you add special items, but you still won’t need anything else to look stylish.

    So today here are some basics you need in your wardrobe and I will also show you how to combine them with each other. And who knows? You might don’t even need anything else. 

1.Black leather pants

Black leather pants have been trending for a long time now, therefore they’ve become an essential part of the wardrobe. Black leather pants are easy to combine, because they make every outfit a little special with their texture. 

2.Ripped jeans

There is this easy hack I like to use to make every outfit balanced for most occasions. It is casual+fancy. By combining casual and fancy clothings you avoid being overdressed or looking like a homeless person. In order to achieve this look, ripped jeans are essential. 

3.A long(er) coat

Having a longer coat is just an easy way to instantly look more stylish and unique. Use the touch of the length that adds a special spice to any outfit to stand out from the group. Longer coats are not that common in general so if you can get a long coat that you like, you instantly have something special.

4.Leather jacket

    Leather jackets are more common and a must have in your wardrobe. You can easily combine a leather jacket with anything so after you grab a long coat, you need something that you are able to wear to anything. Leather jackets are perfect for this purpose.

5.Black/white spaghetti strap tops

    Spaghetti strap tops are easy to find and that’s one reason they’ve made it to this list. I think they are really underrated even though you can easily combine them with anything and with some easy hacks, you can even spice them up.

6.Turtle neck

    I don’t know why, but I don’t see turtle necks on a lot of people nowadays, but they are one of my favorite types of tops. I hear others say that it’s too old fashioned but I can only disagree with that.

7.Boots (High Heels)

    Boots are definitely trending now, but I like to add a little spice to everything that I wear. That’s why I recommend you get a pair of high heeled boots, because it makes your whole outfit more special, but if you hate high heels that’s also okay. It can work anyways. 


    A good belt can be the key. You need a belt in your wardrobe that is comfortable and easy to combine. A belt is something a lot of people easily forget about, so don’t be that kind of person. It is just as important as any other part of your outfit. Not to mention how it can be combined with shoes, bags and sunglasses. 


    Accessories are super important, especially sunglasses, because when you wear them, people look right at them since they are searching for your eyes. They are among the first things people look at, and we know what everyone likes to make an assumption about everyone depending on first look. That’s natural. So I advise you to get at least two pairs of sunglasses to start your wardrobe. 

    Now after this little list let me show you some outfits I like to wear using the base of my wardrobe. 

After you got yourself the basics you can now build on them. Don’t be afraid to try different things! Maybe you don’t even know that you would feel great in those leopard print jeans or that you actually like to stay casual. This is all about finding your own style. This list serves you as an idea to get you started with building your wardrobe. Consider the elements and try out everything! But at the end of the day don’t forget to buy only the things you feel comfortable in.

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