My favorite accessories

Besides my outfits I also love some good accessories. I have some really interesting elements of my wardrobe so if you are interested in my favorite outfits, you can check out that post here. 

    But let’s see what are my favorite accessories since these are also essential with their unique power that gives a spice to every boring outfit. 

1.Black boots

I’ve always wanted a high heel that is comfortable, casual and basically matches everything. These boots are perfect and they are even comfier than some of my sneakers.

2.Multi-chain necklace

I just love how this necklace is simple and eye catching at the same time. I also really love it, because it matches my wardrobe so well! I can wear it in a lot of different outfits.

3.Black combo

I found the earrings, the necklace and the bracelet totally by accident, but they match perfectly! I love them, because they are really special. It’s not that common to see black accessories so I am super grateful for these.

4.Silver and Black necklace

    I’ve actually got this one from my mother and I absolutely love it. It has to be one of my ultimate favorites, because I feel like it looks like a royal jewelry. It has a little magical vibe to it, like a fantasy amulet. 

5.Round sunglasses

My mother used to have a pair of sunglasses really similar to this one. I always borrowed it from her until she had enough and bought me one that looked even better than hers. So yep. This one is definitely a favorite for me.

6.Silver belt

    Belts are so underrated! You can make a whole outfit stand out just by using the right belt. So my silver belt is really a game changer at times, when I have no idea what to wear. 

All of these accessories are really important in my wardrobe. I use them often. Usually people have too many things that are almost the same like the same type of black shirts or circle earrings and only use some of their favorites. I’m trying to have more special items in my wardrobe that still fit together.

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