My favorite outfits

I love my style now. I used to be a tomboy (so it’s really weird to look back at the old pics) and I was not satisfied with myself for a long time. But now that I found the clothes that I feel the most comfortable in, I have some outfits that I can always wear on the days when I don’t have the time, creativity or energy to combine something new. So here are my favorite outfits from my wardrobe. 

1.The Dama


3.Casually fancy

4.The badass


I actually found all these outfits by accident, when I tried to combine different parts of my wardrobe. Since then I can always count on these “basic” outfits whenever I have no idea what to wear. You know those days, right? When you want to look good, but with little effort. Find those outfits, because they are essential for every stylish person.

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