Short Story #1 – “Time heals everything” they say

2120 was supposed to be a good year. After the strenuous events of 2119 I was hoping to have 2120 as one of the best years of my life. 

It’s the 31th of december 23:50 and now as I am looking back, oh boy. How wrong I was. 

In 2119 it felt like my world just turned upside down. I was with the love of my life. She cheated on me and broke my heart into a million pieces. She was my whole world and after our breakup I fell into alcoholism and depression. I fell deeper and deeper in the frustrating world of my mind. When I attacked my own mom I decided that it was time to change. Since almost everything had lost its importance in my life I should just join the army. 

So that’s what I did. That’s why I am in a bunker with some of my mates… because 2120 was a disaster. 

It started with a failed experiment which blew up and spread a deadly virus in surrounding areas. We aren’t getting any information going in or coming out from the territory. Some say that the disease kills instantly if you contact with an infected one and it can be found on objects even after weeks. Some other rumors are making exorbitant theories of the thinning of people. There was this article, which is considered to be one of the most authentic source about the mysterious disease, published by a scientist who had lost his brother in that blow up. He claimed that the disease is making people zombielike. A whole continent had to be locked down, which had an enormous impact on the world’s economy. 

We faced a giant world economic crisis. A Great Depression but more depressing. Many lost their house, even starved to death in the streets. Only the ones who were considered to be billionaires could still live like a normal person with average conditions. By May the world’s population dropped from 8 billion to 7 billion and it was not over yet. 

The acute situation only became more nerve wrecking when politicians came into the spotlight. 

Since every country was suffering they all blamed it on their own government. I can remember the protests, rebels and the gun fights both in my country and on the news. They sent us out and made us shoot innocent civilians. Even kids… The whole world was on fire. We all had to get used to the sight of blood, dead bodies or lost limbs at the most unexpected places. The deathcry of the trapped children in one of the schools is still echoing in my mind. 

World War Three was just around the corner. Gladly it only effected two countries after all. This was some kind of relief after all the terrible things, although neither of the states can be considered as a country or more than a radioactive hollowness.  

This was one month ago. In just one year Earth lost one third of its livability and the human population had the biggest decrease in the history of humankind. 

In this one month nothing happened. Finally we can have some break in this total mayhem and long awaited hope lit up. Everyone is celebrating new year’s eve waiting for 2121 to start with a blank page. 

The time now is 23:59. 

It’s 2121 in just 10 seconds. 

All the ten of us are about to pop one of the worst drinks that has ever been created in 9 seconds. 

8 seconds and everything is going to be better.

7 seconds. That shot of alcohol tastes like poison. 

6 seconds. Or it’s maybe just me and my old drinking habits. 

5… everyone is standing up. 

4… “We made it guys! We survived the thinning that God has sent to us!”




But the shout of Happy New Year never happened. 

The time now is 23:58 December 31th. 2120.

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