Lovely BuJo – February Bullet Journal 2022.

The start of the year was really busy for me, so instead of making my yearly spreads and my January, I instantly jumped into February in the hope that I would be able to get ahead myself and make my months as soon as possible.

My current notebook is disc bound one, so I can even make the spreads for the year later and then switch the pages up, so I’m not worried about that. It’s much more important to me to get ahead myself and see the months separately. But who knows? Maybe I’ll get back to them later.

But you came here for my February Bullet Journal, so here is my really cute and colorful February Bullet Journal in the theme of Valentine’s day.

This theme was actually really random. I knew I want something with hearts and pink and this is how it turned out.

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1.Cover page

I actually messed up the title here so I had to cover it with another one.

I was just experimenting here. The cover page is usually the place where I finally see the design I already thought about. I still have time her to add elements and sometimes, even take out.

2.Monthly spread

I’m really used to this layout now, because I’ve already used this in the previous months, but you know that I always like to change up my BuJo if I feel like my needs have changed.

I love how colorful this page turned out to be. And I think that little quote is so cute! 

3.Habit tracker

I should’ve chosen another layout as my Habit tracker. I don’t like how it looks, but we always have a next month. I left an empty space for any new habits I would want to build in February. I’m always opened to a new habit and I can start building it anytime.

4.Instagram post and Blog post planners

I feel like these pages still need some improvement in terms of layout, but I’ll only see that after I use them. This is the first time I did them, but I can already feel some things I will change in March.

5.Fitness page

I love this layout and it’s working, so I obviously kept it. The only new thing I’ve added is the color code for the different type of workouts so I can keep track of what I should do next time in the gym.

6.Am I getting better?

On this page, I will write down the exercises and rounds I did so I can see if I’m improving.

This is pretty new, so I will need to experiment with it before I can finalize it. I really recommend experimenting with your pages, no matter if you just started Bullet Journaling or you feel like you are an expert. Life always changes around you, and you will want to keep track of different things at different times. Sorting and experimenting with pages is a great was to keep your Bullet Journal perfect for your own needs.


I used to collect the books and the number of pages I’ve read separately, but I like this layout more. It’s more simple and easy to make. Maybe I will change it again later, but right now my biggest goal with my Bullet Journal is to make it as simple and effective as possible to bring out my most productive self.


And a little quote about reading. I think in the future I will put quotes from books I’ve read here. 

So this is how my February Bullet Journal turned out!

What’s the theme for you in February? What pages do you recommend trying?

If you recreate this don’t forget to send a pic to me or tag me on IG @carmenwrites_ so I can see all those beautiful works of yours! ❤️ Have a great day!

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