Turn your phone into a vision board

I always wanted to do a vision board, but I was never able to get myself to actually create one. I felt like all the cutting and gluing is too messy and I wouldn’t even be able to look a it whenever I needed it, because O was not going to bring it with me everywhere.

I needed a place where I was able to look at it all the time and it would keep me motivated throughout the day.

That’s when the idea hit me! I should do a vision board on my phone! I can skip all the DIY parts of it and it’s going to be totally free! Not to mention all the opportunities my phone could offer me.

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Now this thing is only going to work for iPhone users (as far as I know). Sorry team android. 🥺

Making a vision board out of your phone is actually really easy and super super cool! I love it ever since I made it so I can only recommend it. And I’ve never seen anyone before doing this. So here is my guide for you.

This is what my phone looks like. 

My lock screen has a really simple background with the word Girlboss on it, because that’s the vibe I want to manifest in 2022. I’m working hard on all of my projects to actually grow my career so this background gives me motivation every time I look at it.

Now as you can see I also have some app icons which I will talk about later if you want to make your phone more aesthetic. I always change the theme depending on my mood. Like here.

As you can see I have a lot of widgets and photos which is what the vision board is going to be made out of.

Here is the list of apps I use and that you will also need for this vision board.

-Pinterest (to collect your future life)

-Widgetsmith (for the pics)

-Photowidget (for the pics)

-Motivation (to keep you in the flow)

-Countdown (that’s just for my personal preference. I’m tracking when school is going to end. 😂)

1.Think about your future

Just take a moment to visualize everything you are going to do, or everything you want to achieve this year or in your life. You can think long-term and short-term, which one is better for you. I mixed the two and I have goals from both of them visible on my vision board.

– Here are the things I’ve consider:

– My future Travel destinations

– My future Body

– My future Home

– My future Job

After you visualize your future it’s time for step two.

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2.Hop on Pinterest

I’ve created a board on Pinterest which got the name My future Life and I’ve started to collect pins from the categories listed above. I have beautiful places, yummy foods, insane home designs and photos about my passion for my future job. I save photos where I feel like I see a glimpse of my future life.

Then I’ve started to save these photos on my phone and downloaded the apps.

3.Download the apps

You will need Widgetsmith and Photowidget. Both of them are free downloadable apps from the app store.

Now Widgetsmith is not just for photos. You can use it for showing you the calendar or other cool things.

Photowidget is only for photos though.

After you’ve saved the photos, categories them into albums and upload them to these apps. You can set how often you want the picture to change or if you want them to play in order or randomly. (In order to do that, you have to press long on the widget and tap “edit widget”)

4.If you want to, add some spice

I have two extra widgets I like to use and I’ve mentioned them before. 



Motivation is an amazing app, I’ve been using it for more than a year now. They have quotes in all sorts of categories like discipline, positive thinking, falling in love, self-esteem and much much more. You can even create your favorites list! 

Countdown is really just for tracking when school is going to end. It’s so dramatic to see the countdown, but it also motivates me to hold on just a little longer (99 days as you can see, little less now).

+1.How to customize your apps

I’m going to walk you through how to add custom app icons on your phono with these pics.

You have to first open your app library and search Shortcuts.

Tap the + button on top right.

Press on “Add action”.

Write “Open app” and select the icon you see here.

Search for the app you want open through this shortcut (for example Settings).

You can edit the icon by tapping on the left top of the corner. You can select color and even icons.

When you are done, press the blue button on the top right.

Here you have to press “Add the Home Screen”

Here you either press “Add” to have your customized icon on the Home. Or you can select your more unique icon to add.

Be happy for your new icon!

See? It’s not that hard. You can even add your own photo or customize one with the help of the app.

A little surprise for you!

You might have seen my Support me! page here on my blog. I want to give you something for your amazing support you give to me! You can see how I love to customize my phone with these different app icons.

I made a bundle for you! Now for supporting me you can recieve a bundle with full of downloadable app icon designs. If you like my content and would enjoy to read from me more, you can support me, and now you will also get something in return!

Here are the designs I made and you will get all of them by supporting me! Choose your favorite and make your vision board on your phone even more eye-catching.

If you decide to support me, you are going to get all of these cool app icons, which you can use any time! I hope you like them and you are going to make a cool vision board on your phone with these unique app icons! 🥰 Click here to get them! ❤️

Congratulations! Now you (should) have a badass vision board on your phone which is going to help you achieve ANYTHING you set my mind to!

How do you like it? Was this post useful for you? If you have any questions, definitely write to me and I’ll help anytime!

All feedback is welcome in the comments! Let’s have a chat!

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