Walk with me in the Castle of Buda

I thought today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite places (of which you might have already read about in my blog post My favorite places in Budapest) through my cameras lenses. 📸

I am a women with a TON of hobbies and one of them is photography. You can see that on my instagram (@carmenwrites_). Altough this is a hobby that I only do occasionally. Sometimes I’m really motivated to go out and take photos, other times… well, not so much. 😅

I’ve collected my favorite photos from the Castle of Buda, and since it’s really hard to travel around the world, I thought I’m going to make this little tour so everyone can take a loot at this beautiful building.

Hope you enjoy taking this virtual tour with me!

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They said that, of course, Budapest is beautiful. But it is in fact almost ludicrously beautiful.”

Anthony Bourdain

“I’m manoeuvring out to Budapest.”


“Europe’s most underrated big city, Budapest can be as challenging as it is enchanting.”

Rick Steves

I wanted to take a picture of Fisherman’s Bastion, but I couldn’t find the right angler.”

“Budapest. For some, it’s the city of death, for others, it’s the city of lights.”

Budapest Noir

“The Castle of Buda was not built in one day.”

“Walk slowly, you’ll get farther.”

Hungarian saying

“Patience creates roses.”

Hungarian saying

“A lying man is caught faster than a limping dog.”

Hungarian saying

I hope you enjoyed this little tour with me with these quotes of Budapest and Hungary.

Have you ever been here? Would you want to visit the castle after this post? Let me know in the comments! Let’s have a chat! 🌺

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