Ernest Cline: Ready Player Two – Book Review

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I was really skeptical about this book after how much I loved the first part, and you always know when there is a sequel to something that is so finished like the first part of this story, you have a reason to fear.

Actually this book was a pleasant surprise. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, and I’m not saying this book was necessary for this world, but it’s not a big problem that it exists.


Parzival, the winner of a grand fortune and the world’s biggest company, finds a new type of VR headset, which scans your brain, and puts your mind in the simulation so everything feels real.

Now scanning your brain is never a good idea. Don’t try it at home! And apparently our main protagonist did not agree with me, because he launched this technology to the world.

Everyone buys this new type of headsets and a new riddle comes up in the OASIS which is only possible to be collected by Parival or the best friend of James Halliday.

But a third party comes who is deadlier than ever and wants what is the price for this new contest so bad, that he is ready to kill billions.


Nothing really happened in the first 100 pages, there were even some unnecessary descriptions in my opinion. I like a story that starts in the beginning of the story. I want action to catch my attention and keep me engaged with the story.

Wade (a.k.a. Parzival) was really annoying in this part. Wealth and fame really changed him. It’s a dealbreaker for me if the main character is just a whining little baby (#familyfriendlycontent) and just drives me crazy from page to page.

After 100 pages the actions started and it was a pretty good surprise for me! I finally felt like the second part stepped into (at least) the shadow of the first one.

The characters, the world, the action. Everything reminded me of the magic that I experienced in the first part. It was again an epic video game battle with smart twists, cool pop culture references and awesome adventures. I even liked the character development on which Parzival had to go through, so in the end I could be satisfied with his character.

But the end… basically the epilogue… that’s just a big fat NO for me. If you are going to read this book and reach the chapter that’s called “Continue?” just close the book. I’m serious! I’m doing you a favor by telling you this. Just close the book. Finisci! The story is over!

So I gave this book 🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑

It’s like this story has been finished twice. Like an alternative ending.

Have you read it? What book series has a bad sequel?

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