Harry Potter BuJo – March Bullet Journal 2022.

Yes guys! March is all about Harry Potter on my Instagram and on my blog, so it was inevitable to make my Bullet Journal cohesive with this month’s theme. Let me present to you my Harry Potter Bullet Journal!

The base of my design is made up from different lines of black and bronze which I think has this mystical and magical vibe to it. I placed these beautiful stickers on those.

So let me talk a little about these stickers, because you can easily get them for yourself!

I have a “Buy me a coffee” page where you can support me if you feel like my work here is truly valuable. I’ve created this pack of stickers with a very talented artist friend of mine (@karisdoodles), to give something to those who decide to Buy me a coffee! It costs exactly the same amount as if you would want to buy me a coffee, without anything in return, so this is just a little extra I want to offer you! There is also a pack of completely free Harry Potter themed bookmarks, which you can download, print and use right away so enjoy them!

You can find these two things here!

I will talk a lot about the artist who helped me create this wonderful pack of stickers. You can find her on instagram @karisdoodles and I recommend you follow her here, because she is truly one of the most talented people I’ve ever met! Thank you for your help from here as well!

Now after this long intro I will start on How to make an easy Harry Potter Bullet Journal!

1.The cover page

I usually let the cover page be like an experimental part of the month. This is where I start drawing out my ideas, my concepts, and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. This page is for this. To see the elements together. To figure out if I still need to add something to it or not. 

As you can see I used the Harry Potter fonts here, but they were pretty tricky to draw, so I only did the capital letters later on, but you’ll see that soon.

I had the base way earlier before I added the stickers, but I’m so glad I did! They add so much life to my Bullet Journal!

2.Monthly spread

I was so sad to see that the black pen I bought for the purpose of making my Bullet Journal, hits through the paper. My Bullet Journal is custom made by @beeplanners for me, and I asked for pretty thick papers, which were perfectly fine so far! I don’t even want thicker ones, so I just changed the pen later on.

I really love how this month’s concept turned out. I love the mood and the look of it, so we can say I’m pretty satisfied with all of it. 

3.Habit tracker

I reduced my habits a little for spring as school will take up more and more of my time as the graduation comes. I still have some space if I want to start a new habit in March.

Can I just have an appreciation moment for Godric’s sword? It’s so good!

4.Instagram tacker

Now if you remember February’s Instagram tracker it looked a lot different. The layout I used wasn’t that effective, so I had to change it up. We’ll see how it works, but I’m really hopeful about this one!

5.Blog tracker

This page also got a different layout, but the change is not as drastic as the IG one. I want to bring you 10 posts this month which is kinda insane, because I usually aim for having 8 posts per month, but hey! Gotta be dangerous sometimes!

I also created a tracker of what stage my different posts are, what else needs to be finished before I can publish them. Below I have my April to-do for the blog.

6.Fitness tracker

I’ve been using this layout for my fitness tracker for a long time and I’m still pretty satisfied with it. I have a blind calendar on the top left where I’ll mark what kind of workouts I did during the month with indications listed below. I also have a step counter which I messed up a little, because I drew lines where the numbers are going to go, but I will manage somehow. It’s not that big of a mistake.

Last thing on the page is the calorie tracker for every day.


I didn’t change a lot about this layout, it’s just a little more complex than it was. On the left in the brackets, I’ll write the author and the title of the book I’m reading and the amount of moons (because I give my reviews in moons) I think the book was worth.

On the left I’ll track the number of pages I’m reading during the days.

8.Quote page

I like to end my month with a quote and I obviously had to choose one from Harry Potter. This quote is just so cute from Hagrid. 

“No good sitting’ worryin’ about it. What’s comin’ will come and we’ll meet it when it does.”

– Hagrid

So this is it for the month I express my love for the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

If you liked the stickers presented in my Bullet Journal, you can download them from here or if you want to claim your bookmarks click here.

Thank you again for @karisdoodles for helping me design these, she is truly the best so make sure you check her out!

If you enjoyed this Harry Potter themed post, make sure to follow my blog or on Instagram, because March is all about Harry Potter for me so you can expect tons of different types of content on this series both here on my blog and on Instagram @carmenwrites_.

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