The Ultimate bookstagram shopping list

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What items do you need for a beautiful bookstagram feed?

I love to use and collect all sorts of objects for my Bookstagram feed and for my photos. I love how I can create a magical or a cozy vibe with them and they also make my feed more cohesive. 

Maybe you also see those amazing bookstagram accounts whose pictures look as if they were directly taken out from a fantasy book. The secret lies in the props! Using the right photography elements to make your photos more interesting is key when it comes to creating a vibe that your followers will instantly recognize.

So today I brought you a Bookstagram shopping list of photography props and objects you can use to improve your feed. You can shop all of these on Amazon through the links listed below every point. 

Now let’s dive in, shall we?

1.Fake flowers

I love using fake flowers and plants. They are way easier to deal with than normal plants. Trust me, I know, I tried both. 

I can imagine them more on a spring feed, but you can use it anytime when you want to add floral elements to your pictures.

2.Old papers

Using old pages and papers is an element that can bring so much aesthetic to your posts. Nothing represents reading and books more than words and pages. This is a great element you can add as a background to make your photos more interesting to look at.

3.Daggers and swords

Now these are one of the most popular photo props bigger accounts with a fantasy theme like to add to their photos. It’s not surprising though, there are some absolutely beautiful ones out there. I also ordered one even though it doesn’t fit in my feed right now. But you never know! Worst case scenario, I will only use it on my bookshelf.

4.Antique keys

For me an old key will always represent treasure, adventure, a secret locked away waiting to be discovered. Even if they don’t have an effect like this on you, they are absolutely beautiful and easily combinable with any kind of theme… So I’ll also order  this. Just to make sure, you know? Who knows when it’ll come in handy.

(Amazon links)

5.Light strings

I used to use these on my feed and I absolutely loved them! They were definitely one of my favorite props, and now I’m thinking about bringing them back, because they add this really special spark to photos as if they were placed there by fairies. They’re so cute!

(Amazon links)

6.Old maps/Fantasy maps

Old maps have a great vibe! And they’re one of the best backgrounds in my opinion. They can be simple which will help you bring out the other elements of the photo (such as the book).

(Amazon links)


I think most of us are familiar with the image of an ideal reading session, right? You pour yourself a cup of delicious coffee or tea, light a candle and sit or lay on a comfortable couch while being wrapped up in a cozy blanket. 

See, all of these items bring a feeling out of people. They have meaning when you put them in the picture because they are going to leave an image in the “consumers’” heads.

(Amazon links)

Wickbox luxury candles

Wickbox is a monthly subscription box where they  surprise you with handpicked luxury candles depending on your scent preferences. They are absolutely beautiful in the container they come with, which you can also repurpose after you’ve burnt your candles. These candles will look insanely good on your photos and the scent of them will beg for you to actually use them, giving your home a whole new life. 

Click on the picture and subscribe to Wickbox to get your luxury candles for your photos and yourself!

Wickbox Candle Subscription


As I’ve mentioned before, one of the most iconic props I use is my typewriter. Since I’m also a writer I wanted a typewriter for a long time before I actually got one. But I’m so grateful for it! It’s definitely one of my all time favorites to use so I can only recommend it to you.

(Amazon links)


I think one of my biggest struggles when I started boostagram was finding the right background for my photos. I’m  lucky though, because my family likes to take product pictures for their own businesses so I had some backgrounds to choose from. 

(Amazon links)

So this is the Bookstagram shopping list! By adding these objects to your props your pictures are going to be LEGEN(wait for it) DARY! That’s right!

If you are interested in how I use these items on my photos, make sure to check out my Instagram @carmenwrites_.

Thank you for reading my blog post! I really hope you managed to find some great and valuable ideas for your new bookstagram feed or your bookstagram pictures! If you have any other items that you think would look great on bookstagram photos, don’t be shy! Share them in the comments!

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