Create a stunning Bookstagram feed!

When I started bookstagram I was so confident that I would be able to recreate those beautiful photos that you can see going around in the community.

Well I didn’t, my first couple of photos and my first bookstagram feed looked something like this.

But then it looked like this.

And then it looked like this. 

And currently it looks like this.

I loved all of these feeds and the only reason I changed them is because I got bored. I felt like I can’t show off my creativity that well and I also wanted a more personal content so that I can show myself to my followers. I want them to feel like we are friends (because in my opinion, we are! I love interacting with everyone in this amazing community ❤️)

But as you can see I had no idea what I was doing in the first couple of weeks and you may be in the same shoes as I was. You may want to improve your images, or you want to create a more cohesive feed, perhaps you are just not that satisfied with your account and you are searching for something to educate yourself. You are in the right place! 

Let’s get into my tips on how to create a better instagram feed! You’ll see soon that it’s not as difficult as it may seem first. You just need some tips and tricks to create those stunning photos!

1.Use the same photo props

One thing that you can see on my improved feed is that I use the same props to make my photos more eye catching. It also helps make your photos more recognizable. When someone sees your photos, they can tell it’s from you just by taking a glimpse of it. That’s what you want to achieve and using the same props are perfect for that.

For example my main element on my bookish pictures is my typewriter. Everyone (including me) loves it. 🥰

2.Edit your photos or use the same filter on all of your pictures

The easiest way to make your feed way more cohesive is to use the same filter on all of your pictures or edit them the same way. You can see that I did this with all of my feeds. I love a good matching feed and it’s so simple to do it with good editing. 

Here are the apps I use and I always recommend them to anyone who asks about photo editing.


I use Canva to create a nice template or a border for my photos mostly on my blog or for instagram templates that you can use in your stories, 


Lightroom is the most popular editing tool, because it’s basically a simplified photoshop for your phone. I also used it for my previous feed. You can buy or create your own presets in it, so editing your photos will only take one tap.


VSCO is what I currently use for my feed. It is a really really simple editing tool for phones and super super easy to use, so if you find Canva or Lightroom way too confusing for your own taste VSCO is going to be your savior. 

Plus tip: Experts say that colder toned photos tend to be more successful than using warmer colors.

3.Plan your feed

I’m a total planner, I have a plan for everything, because that’s how I can deliver high quality content. It is essential to plan your feed, because if your photos are just going to be posted randomly it won’t be organized.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t post randomly SOMETIMES. Random posts can liven up your account, but it’s not recommended to post the first part of a review and then continue it next week in a totally random time.

My feed can be a bit too organized for a lot, but that’s how I like it. You obviously don’t have to do the same thing as me, but just always think about if there would be a more logical order on how to upload your photos on Instagram.

4.Edit your highlight covers

If you have a nice cohesive feed you can’t overlook your highlights either, because that’s going to ruin the effect. You don’t necessarily have to create an outstanding highlight cover, it’s perfectly fine if you just use the plain colors that we can also see in your feed.

5.Have high quality images

We all know Instagram is a visual platform and the users love to see beautiful high quality photos from the creators. Nowadays a phone can have a perfectly fine camera for this purpose, but if you feel like that needs improvement on your bookstagram you should definitely invest in a better camera. 

6.Show yourself

I know a lot of people don’t like to show their faces, but you don’t have to! You can create insanely creative images by covering up your face with books or other props you find and your whole page will feel more personal to the users who visit your account.

Also people on bookstagram are soooo nice I can’t tell you! They are going to be super accepting and supporting, I’m absolutely sure about it! So don’t be shy!

7.Have fun!

We are all here on bookstagram to share our love for the different stories and have fun together! That’s all that matters when you are creating your content. Make sure you enjoy doing it, because that’s going to be visible in your work! Try out different things, create unique photos and come up with something insane for your feed! That’s the most important.

I hope improving your feed is not that big scary monster for you anymore. As you can see it’s not that difficult if you look out for these things I’ve mentioned and soon you will see the change!

I think you’ll soon find the bookstagram feed you enjoy creating and when you do you will feel more comfortable on your bookstagram! Just be patient, work hard and never give up! I believe in you!

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