Zoo café – Coffee shop review

In January we went to the Zoo cafe in Budapest with my partner. This was a surprise from me to him, because he is a huge (and I mean a HUGE) animal lover, so I thought since the weather in Hungary during the winter months is not ideal for visiting the zoo, I would just bring him here. 

I’ve known Zoo Cafe for a long time so this wasn’t my first time here. It’s located in the heart of the city close to the Liberty bridge, one of my favorite places in Budapest. In my opinion it is one of the best and most special cafeterias in Budapest, which is totally worth visiting when you come to the capital of Hungary. 

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The cafe has a great, jungle-like decor all over the place with terrariums on the walls, holding different animals. There are cats and sometimes a cute kakadu is going around freely in the coffee shop and visitors can play with them.

You can also drink coffee or eat a delicious snack. They have some specialities such as the Raffaello latte (white chocolate and coconut) that we shared. (That was delicious! You’ll have to try it if you visit this place!)

So here is how the program goes in the Zoo Cafe Budapest! What are the animals you can see in Budapest zoo cafe?

When you sit in, you can order your food and drinks, before the fun begins. Then a tamer is going to bring you different animals which you can hold and pet while you are there.

1.Guinea pig

Our first animal was a little furry friend, a guinea pig.

I’ve rated it 10 out of 10, but my partner actually prefers reptiles over mammals, so he was more excited for the other animals.


The second animal was a chameleon. Now, chameleons are my partner’s favorite animals so this was obviously the best for him. 

3.Bearded dragon

Now, these creatures are so weird to me. They look a little creepy, but actually they are super chill, so we had a great time with him as well. (My partner loved it)


I like turtles a lot, so this was again an animal I liked to hold in my hand. He was super super cool.


Again, a furry friend! Now. He was my favorite throughout the whole round. He was really really cute and I’m more into cute little fluff balls, than these weird cold blooded creatures.

We would also have been able to hold snakes and the kakadu, but since we arrived really late, there were some animals that were already put on rest.

Attention! If you want to visit Zoo Cafe you’ll probably have to reserve a table, that’s the only way now to get in, but you can easily do that via their website or through phone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little café review. You know how much I love coffee so you’ll probably see other coffee shop recommendations here on my blog in the future, especially in Budapest, because since I live here, I had time to discover the best places here.

Also if you’ve enjoyed this post, and you are here on my blog anyways, maybe you could look around and search for something else that you’d like to read. I have a lot of topics here so I’m sure you’ll find something to read. Have a great day!

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