Why is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child bad?

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I had low expectations for this book, because I only heard bad things about it. I still had some hope though, which faded away quite soon as I turned the pages one after another. 

I liked one fourth of it, ¼ of it was good, I have to say that. But here is what they should’ve done: cut off the first half of it and then rewrite half of the remaining half, this way the rest of the book would have been waaay better. 

Of course only after the writers read the Harry Potter books. Watching the movie is not enough to write a play about Harry Potter!


Problem No.1.: The characters

Ron is never this dumb and flat in the original series, he deserves better. Draco is not a nice person. And when did Hermione become such a badass? Okay, maybe she is kind of a badass in the books, but not this reckless!

And why on Earth would you give one of the most powerful and wisest wizards of all time a scene where he just cries? They basically embarrassed the memory of Dumbledore! His portrait starts to hiss about something that he did when he was still alive. Just why? I am really upset about that one…

Problem No.2.: The trolley witch

I mean… come on! No one ever was able to leave the Hogwarts express. Not Sirius Black nor the Weasley twins. But this random two 13 years old boys are just able to jump down easily. So believable…

Problem No.3.: Maybe read the books?

The whole script is full of random new spells, which has nothing to do with the old world we know. Yes, we still have some of the old stuff like Alohomora, Lumos and Avada kedavra, but they invent a lot of new things. This wouldn’t bother me at all if these new things had a great place within the wizarding world, but instead of contributing to it they just make it all messy and complicated. There is no sense behind them. Also I don’t think a Time-turner can work that way… we would have heard about it already in the original series. 

So instead of using the world what we already know, they try to invent new things in it which just doesn’t work for me. 

Problem No.4.: Clichééééé

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is just a bad time-traveller story, which can happen in any other world as well. We don’t need the well-known wizarding world for this. 

The father-son problem is so basic, boring and at times confusing. I never got a real answer to why Albus is so hard on his dad and how their relationship developed into this hateful mess. 

According to the story Harry was able to raise one child already at the time the story takes place. In the light of this there are certain things I don’t understand about their relationship with Albus. How is the kid any different (beyond that he is a Slytherin, which never bothered Harry) than his older brother, James?

Problem No.5.: I need people!

Where is Luna? I want to know what happened to her! Teddy Lupin? I thought he was a good friend of the Potters, but haven’t seen him at all! What about the other kids? James Potter, Lily Potter, Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley? We know nothing about them. Instead of focusing on the adult Golden trio and Draco they should have put more focus on the kids. 

What I liked No.1.: Scorpius Malfoy

Finally! One Slytherin who has a good personality! Who is actually nice and smart. Who wants to make friends and who is an angel even though he went through a lot! (Ehem… need more of him.)

What I liked No.2.: Snape

I missed Snape. A lot. And it was so good to hear about him even if it was just in another alternate universe… for like three pages…

So yeah. Maybe the whole thing would have turned out better if the writers actually considered reading the books and not just watching the movies. 

2 out of 5 stars from me… I love Scorpius though.


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