Simple guide on how to take photos for Bookstagram

I have been using my bookstagram for almost two years now but I changed the language to English just a couple of months ago. I’ve been doing photography since the age of 13 so I was amazed when I found the bookstagram community, which mixed together everything I love. Writing, reading and taking photos.

Today I would like to share with you the method I like to use for taking photos for my instagram account.

If you are a bookstagrammer you either take only one photo at a time or a bunch. I’m the latter, when I’m taking photos that means I’m really taking photos!

On my pictures you can see that I usually use the same photo props, like a typewriter, different kinds of wooden plates, fake plants and books. I usually change the props I use every time I change the theme in my feed. 

I take photos in our living room, next to the biggest window in the house, because this is where the lighting is the best, and we have the most space for me to be as creative as I’d like to. 

Lighting is a really sensitive part of taking photos. You have to think about the angles, and what’s going to have a shadow on what.

Tips for lighting:

  • If you use bigger objects as a prop try not put it in front of the light source, since it’s going to make your image darker. 
  • Buy a light reflector which is going to mirror back the natural light to your theme (amazon) 
  • Use a small light string to add a little magical effect to your photos. 

Photography tips for bookstagrammers:

  • Try to maintain a balance in regards to your use of props. Don’t leave one part of the image empty and the other one filled with objects.
  • Consider the angles and lines of your photos. It’s really hard to make an  organized photo with all kinds of parallel lines, so at the beginning I would recommend you to make an “organized mess” which has a cozy vibe. 

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Now this is the order of how I take my photos.

1.I bring all the props to one place in the living room

That’s where I’m going to take my photos so I pile up my objects and I start building the scenery from that. 

2.I start with the background

I use a simple white bed sheet and a cozy blanket I got for Christmas. 

3.I put the book on them

When I start building the picture I place the book first, since that’s going to be the main theme of the photo. 

4.Adding the elements

I add the other objects afterwards, like the typewriter, wooden plates and everything else that I use. 

5.Search for the picture

After I’m satisfied with what I’ve built I start to search for the angles. Everything looks a little different on the photo so it may take some time for me to actually find the perfect shot. I play around with the objects and lighting. 

6.Clean up the mess

Usually when I’m finished with a photography session I have a huge mess to clean up afterwards. So I spend some time putting the things away.

7.Picking and editing

Lastly, I pick my favorite photos and edit them how I like to edit my feed with the app VSCO. 

You can see the process here on this time-lapse.

Now that’s it! My only advice for you is that you need practice in order to get better at taking photos. You have to collect the different props to make it even better and you have to be 100% dedicated to make your bookstagram better every day.

I hope you liked this post and if you are a bookstagrammer or you just like to take flatlays let me know your method in the comments!

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