Greek pillar BuJo – April Bullet Journal 2022.

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You guys might know the drill by now. It’s April which means another month of Bullet Journaling! Yay!

Items used:

And this is actually a special month, because this is going to be the first month where I can use my new markers that I ordered from Amazon with a bunch of other stationary (review of the products coming soon). So I did this month only with my new markers and I absolutely love them! The colors are great and they don’t hit through the paper, but you will see it soon.

So let me show you this month’s Bullet Journal spread!

So I read The Song of Achilles at the end of February and I really liked it! In fact, I went into full Greek mode afterwards. We watched Troy with my partner and I also started the Iliad (didn’t do a lot of progress on that one to be honest).

But it was quite obvious that I want my April bujo in this theme.


I was thinking a lot about how to capture that greek vibe. Obviously I was thinking about drawing the gods, but unfortunately I don’t have the drawing skills for it. So I thought about something else. That’s how I decided on greek columns.

I really like how this turned out. I always use the cover page to experiment with the design I have in my mind and I think this must be one of the pages I spent the most time with.

2.Monthly spread

I love how this design is simple but complicated at the same time. Especially with my crazy brain, because I wanted to draw different columns on every single page. They have a lot of similarities, but they are all unique in a way.

3.Habit tracker

I’ve been experimenting with Habit tracker layouts and I saw this one on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a try. I always leave some empty space if I want to start a new habit in a month, but since life is going to be busy as graduation comes for me, I made extra two places for the upcoming events.


Now as you can see it was hard at times to push a column into a layout. Maybe it was the most difficult here. Because I love this Fitness tracker and I didn’t want to change anything about it. In my BuJo, efficiency always comes first.

Also can we just appreciate the colors of the markers? They are so gradient and beautiful!

I love that little note there. 

“Like the greek goddesses”


I don’t know how often I will use this spread in April, but I hope I will be able to push in one or two books this month as well. And yep. Books are not just myths to me.


I had to change my Instagram tracker once again since last month’s was pretty cool, but really really complicated! I decided I will go with a simple spreadsheet. Let’s see how this works.


The Blog tracker served perfectly last month so I didn’t change anything. I have a table for the blog posts and the stages they are at and what’s there that I still have to do with them.


Now this is a new one. As I mentioned before, I’m going to graduate from High School and with the exams getting closer, I really need to focus on studying more this month. 

On one side you can see where I will be keeping track of the time I spend with studying from each subject and on the other side I will be able to collect random notes about all of them. 

So yeah. Wish me luck!


I don’t think I have to add anything to this.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you want to recreate this Bullet Journal or you just love the color of the marker I use you can purchase your own set by clicking here. Make sure to let me know if you do recreate it! Would love to see your works!

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