Tips to create better content on Instagram

I started my journey on Instagram 6 (or so) years ago and I came a long way, learned a lot of things throughout that time to bring out the best from my current account. I did a lot of research on the platform, used different strategies and now I can say I’m more aware of what I’m doing on my account, then ever before. 

So today I thought I will share with you some tips I also like to use and that I always recommend to anyone who would like to create better content on Instagram. 

1.Provide Value

The number one rule is to create more engaging content which you can easily do, by providing value to your followers. 

There are three types of value you can deliver: educating, entertaining and inspiring.

See? You don’t have to be an expert in any topic, educational value is not the only thing your audience craves.

You can be entertaining with memes, or funny reels. Inspiring with your unique ideas or your healthy lifestyle. Use your creativity and think about what kind of value you can add to people’s lives.


  • Give tips on a certain topic within your niche
  • Do a tutorial video
  • Write a product or a book review
  • Share TOP 5 lists
  • Explain your niche to newbies


  • Create a fun Reel
  • Host a game in your captions
  • Share behind the scenes content
  • Share fun facts
  • Do a funny story time


  • Share your story
  • Share a quote that you love
  • Use your creativity to inspire others
  • Talk about your struggles and how you overcome them
  • Show your lifestyle

2.Look for inspiration (but don’t copy!)

In today’s world it’s the easiest to find inspiration. Especially with the fact that we live in the world of trends. 

The perfect strategy to come up with new content ideas is to either look at other people’s posts or rethink a trend. 

Use your creativity to rethink and rebuild these contents, but make sure you ask the original creator if you feel like your content would be too similar to theirs and credit them so others will know who had the original idea.

3.Take high quality photos

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise since Instagram is a visual platform. Nowadays most mobile phones can take good pictures, but if you have longer goals with Instagram you should consider investing in a better camera.

4.Plan your posts

I’ve talked about this before in a bookstagram related blog post, but it’s true for here as well. Planning your content brings a lot of great things. You will never have to be stressed about what you are going to post and you can even make your feed visually more appealing which also helps to create better content.

5.Be master at editing

You don’t have to use tons of different kinds of filters, but you need some post work on the photos. It’s also not a bad thing to learn a little graphic design, you never know when you are going to need it. 

My two favorite applications I always use are VSCO and Canva. I edit my Instagram photos with VSCO and my blog photos with Canva. These two are mostly what I use on an everyday basis.

6.Find your style and be creative

The best content you can create is when you are just playing around with ideas, trying everything out until you find what aesthetic fits you the best and then be creative within that style.

As you can see it’s really easy to create better content. You don’t have to make tons of different changes, it’s all about paying attention to the right things. Try one of the tips from above and see how it works for you. That’s what’s going to make you stand out and will eventually help you create better content.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you found it useful and I was able to help you create a little plan in your head on how to improve your content’s quality.

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