Mandala BuJo – May Bullet Journal 2022.

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Hi everyone! I haven’t been active lately, I’m doing my matura exams (High School senior year exams) during May and June, but I will have a little more time, since I’m going to stay home from now on to prepare. (Which I obviously won’t do as much as I should)

But anyways. I know I’m a little late with this post, but I want to show you my Bullet Journal that I’ve created for May.

Items used:

This month I’ve decided to go for a Mandala theme. I wanted to do something special for May, but my April was so busy that I was unable to come up with something more complex then just drawing.

I would’ve loved to have a scrapbook-like bujo for May, but I guess that will have to wait until June.

I’m satisfied with this month though! It was so relaxing to draw these mandalas one by one which I definitely needed before my exams, so I’m actually happy that I went with this design for May.


So since this was kind of an improvisation the cover page was totally random. I just picked two colors and then started drawing patterns. First I only did the mandalas, but I felt like the space would have been too empty so I added some random lines to spice things up.

2.Monthly spread

School is over for me and new programs will come soon, so I will need more space in my calendar (which i already full. I just took some photos, before it got all messy). So I went for another layout and maybe I will use this from now. I will test it this month how I like it.

3.Habit tracker

I hated my habit tracker in April, because it was so confusing. I was never able to keep track of the days. (Check out my April BuJo by clicking here!)

I feel like I’m having trouble with finding the best habit tracker for myself. I’m just not satisfied with any of the layouts I tried so far, so if you have any recommendations, leave a comment! I really want a simple, but great habit tracker!


Yep. My fitness tracker is still the same, I only removed the daily step counter from the bottom left, because I wanted to put mandalas there.

This month I’m only keeping track of the different types of exercise I do in the gym and the calories I burn a day.

5.Instagram and Blog tracker

I feel like I almost found the perfect layout where I can track my content. The Instagram planner needs some more transformation, but the layout for my Blog is perfect. It’s easy to do and clear to track.


Okay guys, I’m gonna be honest. I messed up the word “study”… I know! I’m ridiculous, but I was listening to a podcast and I didn’t pay attention. So I know Steady Study is a little weird, but I feel like I have things under control. (Mostly)


With everything going on I didn’t read a single book in April. I’m struggling with Siege and Storm so I have no idea how this page will go in May. I hope I’m going to use it more, than I had in April…

At least it’s pretty.


For the last page I wanted to do something big. I wasn’t even going to write a quote, I was only focusing on the big mandala, but when I saw that I still had some space there, I decided to put there a little reminder for myself.

So this is my Bullet Journal setup for the month. Life is really busy right now, so I hope this will help me to get a little organized and I’m focusing on getting back to my original posting schedule. But first, school… and coffee.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to check out my other writings on the page! Maybe you’ll find something else you also like.

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