Colleen Hoover: It Ends With Us – Hype Buster Book Review #2

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This was my first 5 moons (stars) read of the year which is kind of sad, because I finished this book in March, but hey! At least I have one for the year!

Trigger Warning: The book contains abuse, rape, depression and more heavy topics, which might disturb you. If you are sensitive to these subjects only continue reading if you are sure you can handle it.

This was my second book from Colleen and I absolutely love how she doesn’t only write about cheesy love stories, but brings extra depth with heavy themes. 

The story is about Lily Bloom who had a really tough childhood growing up in an abusive household. She left her hometown to finally take control of her own life and move on to the future after her past.

Lily moves to Boston and meets with a handsome neurologist, Ryle Kincaid who is confident, career oriented and arrogant at times, but they still have a special chemistry. Lily’s life turns into total paradise which seems too good to be true.

Even with this new wonderful love she can’t stop thinking about Atlas Corrigan, who was her first love, best friend and who she had to leave behind in order to move forward. 

But Atlas reapers and Lily soon realizes that their soulmate-like bond never faded and it will very much affect her fresh relationship. 

This story was an absolute WOW to me. This was the first book in a long time, where I wasn’t looking at the page numbers. The writing just sucked me in, teared me apart and rebuilt my heart. I need this journey for a long time now, so we can say It Ends With Us found me in the best time possible. 

I adore it when a book can perfectly balance heavy subjects with funny elements. I laughed out loud several times and as I closed the book I started to scream in satisfaction. (And scared my partner, but then he found my fangirling cute so it’s fine.)

I loved the characters, I wanted to see more from Atlas, but I will have the opportunity to do so, when I get my hands on the sequel, It Starts With Us (Publication Date October 18, 2022, already in my calendar).

My only problem was with Lily’s diary. She wrote that diary at the age of 15, but it doesn’t seem like a fifteen year old’s mind. It was really strange at times, because I was never thinking “I might not be able to understand this situation, because I’m still too young.” When I was 15. I kinda feel like we all think (especially as teens) that we know everything about the world.

But this was not even worth mentioning next to all the great things this book holds. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a little more from a love story then just sugar, ice cream and rainbows.

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Thank you for reading this review! Have you read It Ends With Us? How did you like it?

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