How to get your best summer with a Summer Bucket List?

What is a Summer Bucket List?

A Summer Bucket list is when you write everything down that you want to do this summer in order to find lots of adventures. It’s really easy to make, you just need to write down anything and everything you ever wanted to do so you finally will. Don’t be shy! You need to add things that will be memorable, because what is life without living?

Why do you need Summer Bucket List?

When I wrote my first list for the summer I was constantly thinking about getting the best experiences of my life. Moving out of my comfort zone and get impulses. I feel like it helped a lot in ways of improving my mental health, my anxiety and confidence. Not to mention how much I enjoyed it!

So what to put on your Summer Bucket List? Here are some ideas

  1. Do karaoke
  2. Play tag with random strangers
  3. Go biking at night
  4. Leave random pieces of messages in the book of a bookstore
  5. Truth or Dare day
  6. Have a competition of who can high five more strangers
  7. Water gun fight with strangers
  8. Don’t use your phone for a day
  9. Go on a road trip and navigate without your phone
  10. Get on a random train and go somewhere for a day
  11. Go thrift shopping with a friend and choose each others outfit
  12. Go to a concert in a funny outfit
  13. Get a tan tattoo
  14. Get a henna tattoo
  15. Start a junkjournal
  16. Try out 10 different cocktails
  17. Do a photoshoot
  18. Dance in the rain
  19. Learn a new skill
  20. 24 hours reading marathon
  21. Create your own summer playlist
  22. Have a giant water fight with friends
  23. Keep a diary
  24. Go mini-golfing
  25. Go to a drive in movie

What else would you put on this list? Write it in the comments.

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