Simple BuJo – June Bullet Journal 2022.

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As my exams are coming closer and closer I had to choose a really simple BuJo theme, so I can keep up with the pace of my life.

I usually like to spice my BuJo up a little, but instead of looking on the dark side of this month I am kinda happy to show you that your Bullet Journal doesn’t always have to be that artsy if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

This one is going to be a simple BuJo setup which you can try out if you are a newbie to BuJoing, but I hope it will also serve as an example that with little effort you can still create a stylish BuJo.

So let’s check it out!

Items used:


I was in a little trouble when I realized that I will have to take back from the complexity from my other designs, because I’ve been wanting to do a really extra BuJo for a long time now.

But I guess that’ll have to wait until July.

Starting with this one, I just went on Pinterest for some inspiration, grabbed one of my Pioccho pens and started something, that turned out like this.

2.Monthly spread and Habits

In May I had a two page long monthly spread, but the layout I used this month took way less time to make, which was the point this month. Later you will see that I started to do weekly spreads as well so the little space hopefully won’t bother me when it comes to organizing my month.

The Habit tracker was also the easiest and clearest layout to go with so I did it.

3.Fitness and Reading

I feel like I really found the two best layouts for these trackers. I don’t want to change a single thing about them. They are simple to make, easy to use and it’s clear what is going on.

4.Instagram and Blog

I am not satisfied with these layouts for keeping track of my Instagram and Blog content, but there not a lot of ideas on Pinterest on what else to do, so I will have to make up something. But that will definitely take some time so I will leave that to July which is not that bad. I will have more time for my IG and my Blog in July so it’s more important to make them more effective next month.

5.Weekly spreads

My life is going to be a lot busier after school which means I need a lot of space to plan my meetings, blog posts, IG posts and just in general everything I’m going to do.

So from now on I will keep weekly trackers.

My method is usually that I write a TO-DO list for the week and than a TO-DO list for a day. I got some cute cards from Beeplanners who I got my Bullet Journal from. She kindly gifted them to me and I’m so happy that I can finally use them efficently.

So yep! June is also going to be really for me which can be hard at times to keep up with posting quality content for all of you, but I’m doing my best and I can’t wait for the time when I will be able to fully focus on this.

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