Roses and Geometry – July Bullet Journal 2022.

I know guys, I didn’t write a single blog post for over a month now, but life has been busy with graduating from High School. But I can proudly announce that I’m free from now which means more content than ever! Yay!

Let’s start July with something hard. The first BuJo spread that I ever did with you guys in an Instagram live. I would like to do another one when August comes, so if you are interested follow me here: @carmenwrites_

And now that I promoted my IG let’s hop into this months BuJo, because it turned out extremely well, let’s see!


We only had time to create the cover for my bujo in the live, but we came up with this design together, because I had no idea of what am I going to do. It turned out to be something so creative, I never knew existed.


I went to this bigger calendar spread, because it is extremely useful. I need so much space to plan my days now! It’s just never too big.


I love this habit spread, but I still plan to try out new ones later. Do you have any ideas for layouts?


This is also the same, but hopefully I’m going to use it more often, because I started to workout with a personal trainer. I really want to pay attention to my body now. I want to eat healthy and sweat a lot.

5.Instagram and Blog

These layouts haven’t changed a bit, although I’m not entirely satisfied with my IG tracker. I’ve been wanting to change it for so long now! Maybe August is gonna the month for that.


After I’ve finished my exams, I got back from my reading slump, but I’m far behind on my Goodreads yearly challenge. Maybe I will do a 24 hour reading challenge, this month.

Would you want to join?

So here is it! The live was super super fun! I can’t wait for the next one already! Also I’m stunned about the idea that we managed to came up with. It is so so pretty!

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