Goodbye July! – Best moments of the month

July was a well deserved month after I finished my exams. So many great memories. It felt like it’s a long month, but it went by so fast at the same time! (I guess time is truly relative)

But to celebrate this wonderful month that was full with adventures I decided to make this little list to make notes of them. I hope you like it!

1.Bicycling around Lake Tisza in Hungary

If you are into nature more than cities this place is a must see. The wild life is wonderful, the landscapes are breathtaking and it’s not full of tourists at all!

I went to a cycling camp with my elementary school at the beginning of July where I had to watch over the kids and it was so so cool! Absolutely loved it.

And even though I’ve been here before it’s a view I can never get used to.


Another Hungarin destination which was just as wonderful as the first one is Eger. I don’t want to tell a lot about this one, because there is a whole blog post coming about it later this month. But I can tell you that this was definitely one of the greatest three days we’ve spent there.

Aaaand it was super romantic!


I tried airsoft for the first time ever this summer. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically like paintball, but you play with recreations of real weapons that shoot small plastic balls and has better aim. It’s like a full military thing and this is how I looked like:

4.Rumpus and Cereal Beast Bar

I was a lucky girl and on our anniversary with my love we went to do some things we’ve been planning to do for a long time now. One of them was this cereal bar where we could eat cereals from other countries with colored milk. The other was this tiki bar here at Budapest called Rumpus. I loved both of them.


This happened randomly. I met with one of my friends, we haven’t seen each other in 5 years, but we went on this trip at late night, going to one place to another and we randomly ended up doing karaoke.

So this was my July wrap up post with all the things that happened and all the beautful memories that I will never forget. I hope August holds just as much to speak about, but I guess I will have to see that at the end of the month. Thanks for being here!

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