Ali Hazelwood: The Love Hypothesis – Hype Buster Book Review #3

Another hyped book that I’ve read to tell you wether it was worth it or not.

Let me start by saying that this book was exactly what I thought it would be and I knew that I would need to be in a certain mindset to enjoy it. So if you are craving a twisty, complex story, don’t pick up The Love Hypothesis just yet. Wait until you’ve read something heavy, and you might need a little soul healing.

At least that’s what I did and it made me enjoy this book a hella lot more.

Quick about

Olive starts fake-dating her professor to make her best friend believe that she is over the guy she dated for a little and who her best friend has a crush on, but wouldn’t get together with in order not to break the “girl code”.


It was a basic fake dating trope and I liked the academia scenery. There were some great ideas dealing with how to spread news with gossip and there was even a little evil although I would have wanted to see more of that.


Olive – Cute but pretty annoying at the end

Adam – I liked him as the love interest, would have wanted to get to know him better

Malcolm – I want to marry this guy

Anh – No point of being in the story other than not understanding that HER BEST FRIEND IS OVER THE GUY SHE LIKES!


To be honest it was nothing special. The only thing I really noticed that it made me laugh out loud several times, which is a big plus for me.


This book is great because it is exactly what you would expect. In my opinion the ending was a bit rushed, I would have needed some more spice in the end.

Read this book when you are ready for it. If basic romantic comfort reads are not your type of plate with a naive protagonist and an edgy love interest than you will likely not like it. However if you know that you sometimes enjoy those type of reads too, than save it for later when your little soul needs it.

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