A city in Hungary that you should visit and it’s NOT Budapest

If you are new here you probably don’t know that I’m a Hungarian lifestyle and travel blogger, which means that I know some great places here.

My country is absolutely beautiful and there is more to it than just the Castle of Buda or the Parliament. On my blog I always like to talk about the hidden gems that can be only found by us, citizens.

That’s why today I decided to show you a great city that you can visit here in Hungary and it is as beautiful as Budapest.

Let me introduce you to Eger.

Yep. It was absolutely magical and a much needed rest after all the work I’ve been doing to get my life started after graduation.

We’ve spent three days here and it was one of the best places within my country where I’ve ever been to.

Eger was ruled by the Ottoman Empire for a long time and it made a huge impact on the city. One of the few places that’s historically well known is the Castle of Eger which was also an inspiration to Hungarian novelist and wrote a whole book about the siege of this castle called Egri csillagok (A.K.A. Eclipse of the Crescent Moon or Stars of Eger).

Other than that they have Turkish baths, minarets and lot of wine… a lot.

So how did we spent the three days? Let’s see!

Day 1

We travelled by train to Eger which is not that far away from Budapest, so you can easily get there while you are here in Hungary.

After we arrived and settled our things at the hotel we went for lunch and wandered around a little. I managed to find myself a gorgeous dress which I took off the mannequin to try it on (you can’t blame me! I fell in love with it).

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how it looked like at the end of the post.

And then we headed back to our hotel for a little nap. The good thing about Eger is that everything was so close to use. We were able to walk anywhere because nothing was further than a 15-20 minutes walk.

Honestly while seeing the city center I felt like Eger was like a small Vienna. The architecture was pretty similar and the restaurants, cafes too.

After the little rest we took at the hotel, we got lunch and decided to explore the town during night too.

I’m a pretty easy-going person and I like to do things randomly. Of course I love to plan the future, but I also consider myself spontaneous. That’s why I always plan spontaneous time, where I can do what ever the heck I feel like doing.

For example buying these flying-shining-helicopter-toy-thingies that I used to have when I was a kid and in Eger everyone was playing with it. So we obviously had to get one too!

If you don’t know what am I talking about, watch the video and you will understand everything (even life! No, just kidding)

So yep. We had a good amount of fun with these, but we managed to broke one of them and that was our sign to let’s move to another adventure which was obviously not going to be as exciting as the flying-shining-helicopter-toy-thingies.

It was our time to discover where our generation spends their nights after midnight in this city.

We found a really small pub which was mostly a bar and then a bunch of outdoor furniture where we could sit down, but it didn’t matter for us. We had a great time, but we were too tired to pull an all nighter and we also had two more days to spend here, therefore decided to go back to our hotel and get some rest.

Day 2

We dedicated day 2 mostly to bathing. The local thermal bath actually had a great vibe. It’s definitely no the biggest bath you have ever seen, but they have some cool slides, a couple of pools and a breathtaking Turkish bath. I can totally recommend it, it’s a great a relaxing experience.

Also did you know that this city had a recreation of the Friends coffee shop, Central Perk? It was so cool!

The people were so nice there and we had great coffees and even some boardgames we could play together. (I won in Exploding Kittens)

At the evening I changed into my new dress and I decided that I would like to rule the world. Just kidding, but I really felt great!

The first thing I spotted in Eger was the ferris wheel (which was obviously called Eger Eye… people are so creative coming up with ferris wheel names…).

So we took a ride on it.

Day 3

The last day was mostly about packing and getting our selves together, because we didn’t have the full day. We had to be back at home early.

But we still managed to eat some macarons and get a Poket book for me from the book vending machine. (I got a modern classic, Solaris)

Our little adventure to Eger was absolutely fantastic and something my heart ached for a long time now. I can always be surprised how much there is still to discover in my own country too, so I encourage you to get to know your land too! You don’t know what you might find.

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