Bonnie Callahan: Remy vs Rome – Book Review

Hey everyone and welcome to my first Book Tour book review! That’s right, thanks so much again to Bonnie Callahan for choosing me as one of the participants! (Click on her name to see her Instagram!)

Now let’s get into it shall we?


Remy, after her fiancé brakes up with her, decides to go back the city where her true love (and also the memory of her first kiss) lays to find and build her life up again, Rome. She goes on a date with a stranger she met at a party night. They go to museum and turns out this guy is not only a jerk, but he is also a part of a crime syndicate and he stole a valuable amulet from the museum on their date.

Now Remy is the number one suspect for the case and the only person who seems to believe her is the hot detective, Lorenzo Rossi. The two of them starts to investigate the case together, which reveals truth about not only historical figures in Italy, but about Remy and Lorenzo too.


To be honest the characters were not that complicated, but enjoyable, lovable and entertaining. Especially Remy. I found myself chuckling at some of het thoughts or comments. She even goes through a little character development, where instead letting life push her around she takes things in her hands to shape her future the way she wants it.


The writing was pretty unique in my opinion and that’s so special. There are very few writers where I can sense their style just after one book.

It’s easy to read and pretty funny. Also I feel like Bonnie managed to give us a whole menu of Rome, not just a taste. I’ve never been to Rome, but I always wanted to and after reading this, I can’t wait to explore the city someday.

Side note: I’ve been learning Italian and I was so happy to read some Italian phrases and actually understand them!


The whole book is pretty predictable, but that’s okay! We all need these beach reads every once in a while and it is a pure comfort read. I really recommend this book if you liked The Love Hypothesis.

It’s a cute romance with a little spice of Rome and some crime.

I enjoyed this book, but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I have read something with an emotinally hard topic just how I did with The Love Hypothesis, because I’m that type of person. But I enjoyed it like this too!

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