Spookiest of all – October Bullet Journal 2022.

Ahhh my favorite time of the year has finally arrived! Spooky season is the most magical to me, autumn and Halloween gives me the fantasy vibes. During this time I really feel like the world is enchanted. So I had to create a BuJo for October that is going to reflect on the vibe of the month.

To be honest I think this month is the prettiest so far this year. I’m so freakin proud of it! Now let’s see!


You can see the color palette I used and I actually had a rough time doing the gothic letters, because I’m not used to this type of calligraphy. I’m so happy though! I found a new style of lettering which I really enjoyed doing!

If you are interested I can write you a whole ABC with these letters so you can use it too in later spreads.


I’m a little mad at October for having a single day that had just barely slipped to a new week. I had to recount my calendar grid for that! But the lucky thing was that I still had some space on the top left corner to fit the October title there and I had a lot of place that I could fill up with my graphics. I’m actually pretty proud of how this turned out.


This is the most colorful spread I’ve done in awhile and I’m so happy about it! I usually try to keep it minimal, but this month I wanted to go big, and I think I managed to do that.


It’s been so long since I’ve changed anything on this layout and this month is not different either. I track the type of workouts I do throughout the month and on the side I can track how much calorie I’ve burnt every day.

5.Instagram and Blog

I’ve changed these layouts not long ago and I’m satisfied with how they work. I feel like I managed to find the perfect trackers for my needs to make content creating easier.


This is another layout that I haven’t changed in a long time. This year was really busy and I never actually got to fill l brackets for the books each month. I really want to read more next year.

This is was one of the best spreads that I’ve done in a long time now and I’m super satisfied with how it turned out! How do you like it and what is your BuJo theme this month?

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