It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – December Bullet Journal 2022.

I know I know. I skipped November this year but honestly guys, Autumn was so chaotic that I felt like the protagonist of a mafia story mixed with apocalyptic dystopia novel. Seriously!

But I couldn’t miss the last month of the year and I managed to come up with a simple design for December which I also think turned out quite well.


December Christmas themed Bullet Journal cover page with winter decoration.​

I wanted to try out line art and I aimed to do every design element with a single line which you will see turned out better on later pages. I always say use the cover to experiment with your design and see how it looks in use (if you don’t test them in another journal first). The cover page is always great for this kind of stuff. It’s gonna look a bit different than the rest of the month, but it will improve the quality for sure.


Honestly this is the kind of design I needed for this month. Something simple yet colorful. I feel like the gifts in the right bottom corner started to look better with the one line design.


The usual habits stuff. I have to rebuild my habits this month, because I really didn’t pay attention to them lately and my life has changed a lot so I really have to start from scratch.


However there is one habit I already managed to get back into and I’m doing it so passionately: workouts. I’m going all out guys and it feels so great to move my body.

I had struggle with sleeping and mental health lately and working out helped me so much dealing with stress, anxiety and anger so I really recommend you try out some type of exercise. It will help you so much!

5.Instagram and Blog

As a content creator I had to develop some pages dedicated on tracking my socials. I’m not entirely satisfied with these and I will probably look for a better layout to use next year, or I’ll just try and experiment on my own. Do you have any recommendations?


I didn’t read a lot of books during autumn, but that is also a habit I would like to get back to. There are some great books on my shelf waiting to get picked so it will happen eventually.

So this is the last month of the year. 2022 has been interesting to be honest. It doesn’t even feel like a single year more like 5. It was valuable for sure and it was a big step for me forward.

I’m really hyped about 2023 for some reason. I feel like that is going to be an important year.

Thank you so much for reading my post! Since you are here I would really appreciate if you could look around a bit on my blog, you might find something you are interested in. I share all sorts of bits and pieces from lifestyle, fashion and travel all the way to quotes, journaling and photography tips.

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