TOP 5 MUST see spots in Vienna

Vienna is one of my abolute favorite travel destinations since it’s just three hours away from Budapest, yet that 3 hours change everything.

I was lucky enough to visit the city multiple times, but I just never seem to get tired of it. There is always something new to discover.

So what are some of the places that I would definitely revisit the next time I’m able to go there?


I wanted to start with the most obvious one. Hofburg is basically the heart of Vienna and you can’t visit the city without seeing this palace at least once.

And let me tell you, it’s absolutely wonderful. There are cafes, museums and carriages going around so you really can imagine the history that place withholds. It’s a MUST see.


I’m a huge Sissi fan so this palace holds a special place in my heart, but honestly, even if you don’t know the history behind this place, it’s still worth checking out. You don’t even need to go inside, but the garden is just breathtaking. One of the prettiest places you will ever visit. And the best part is, that you can have a look at most parts of the garden for free.

3.Danube shore

Now I’m heading towards the less popular places and one of them is the Danube shore. I wanted to see the Danube in Vienna as well, although it’s exactly the same as here in Budapest. (Huge amount of water flowing from one way to another).

And while they look similar, I still had a completely different feeling, walking on the side during sunset. It was the perfect, peaceful ending to a busy day.


I’ve never been to Amsterdam (soon I hope), but Schwedenplatz looks like how I imagine most of Amsterdam. There is a canal flowing from the Danube and there are different, street art decorated bars. We had our AirBnB not far from here.


This is a place I’ve never seen recommended anywhere and we accidentally bumped into it with my friend. Volksgarten is basically a rose garden with beautiful statues, green grass, a special greek temple and as you can guess it, roses. Visit this place when you want a little rest between two museums, since it’s not far away from Hofburg and it’s the perfect place to sit down a little and enjoy the moment.

Vienna is a magical city with so much to discover. I wouldn’t live there for a long time, but spending three months there is definitely on my bucket list.

What other places do you recommend if you’ve ever been to Vienna? Or what is your favorite city in the world?

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