I’ve been to freakin’ London!

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post about My Travel Bucket list and the places I want to visit in the near future. And honestly I didn’t think I would be able to cross out any of the destinations in 2022.

But here I am after an amazing trip to London and I need to share my favorite places.

It was so cool guys I’m not sure if I’ll be able to give the vibe or the near idea of how I felt during the trip.

I want to start by mentioning that it was a long time ago since I went anywhere by plane and I really missed the airport. When I got there I was just unable not to smile. My heart was so happy that I was finally traveling again, my soul was starving to explore new places.

I couldn’t have chosen a better place to explore than London. This place looks like something you will never be able to discover fully ever. The city is huge compared to my home (Budapest, but I guess it’s not hard for a city to be bigger than Budapest) so London feels like as if it would be an endless, always stretching weird high-tech city.

Or at least that’s how I see it as a Hungarian… it’s so busy and full of people! It was so weird! In a good way, of course.

So what were my favorite places from the plenty of yet not enough spots I could visit during the 3 days of my stay. Spoiler: they won’t be in order. It was hard enough to choose the best ones, I have no more energy to rate them from best to worse.

1.Covent garden

Whenever I think back about this place, it makes my heart happy and I start missing London. The aura and the look of this place is just something special I’ve never seen before. And it’s not even like breathtaking or architecturally beautiful. The best way I could describe it is human. When you step in, you feel alive for some reason. There is so many things happening at the same time you don’t have time to think about the past or the future, it makes you live in the moment. That’s the best way I would describe it.

2.Emirates cabelline and ExCeL London

So I loved this area not only because the cabelline has a beautiful view, but this part of the city looks like the neighborhood I always wanted to live in. It was so peaceful, modern and pretty. If I do a vision board for 2023, I’m gonna put photos of this place on it. I wouldn’t want to live there exactly, but it has the vibe, I would want in the future.

3.British museum

I’m so sad, because we were quite exhausted by the time we managed to visit the British museum and our legs were aching from walking all day so we were not able to discover nearly as much as I hoped but it was amazing still. And at least there is a reason (beside the dozens of others) to come back in the future.

4.Harry Potter spots

I mean obviously as a huge Potterhead wandering around London I couldn’t miss at least one HP themed place per day. I’ve been to King’s cross and the Harry Potter movie exhibition near Covent garden. And I had a bottle of Butterbeer too. It was magical (literally).

5.Random appreciation

And for last I though I’m gonna share some random pictures and videos I took during the trip to give you a little more colorful glimpse of London.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you enjoyed it I would really appreciate if you could check out some of my other posts, you might like those too!

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