Forrest for starters – January Bullet Journal 2023.

Welcome to the first spread of 2023! How exciting, isn’t it? It’s always so satisfying to start a new journal for the new year and I already published a blog post about my setup for 2023, so make sure to check that out by clicking here.

You should read the post if:

-You want to start Bullet Journaling but have no idea how to


-You need more page ideas and spreads for your BuJo


-You are looking for some tips and tricks to use your Bullet Journal to it’s full potential

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Alright back to business, sorry for this little wandering off. I guess I need to work on my books more so I get these scenarios out of my head.

For my first spread of the year, I went all out. I think this has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes I’ve done in a long time.

I started out by going through all my stationary and I had these really cool forrest themed sticky notes, so I though I’m gonna come up with something where I can use these.

And that’s how my January Bullet Journal was born.


If you’ve seen my other spreads before, you might notice I’ve put a quote next to my cover page, which I never really did last year. I wanted to point that out, because it’s a great hack. When you plan a spread on a specific page, but it wouldn’t be next in order as you go with the designs, just add a quote page. That works as a space filler whenever you need it.

So I’ve used washi tapes, the sticky notes, 2 different shades of green markers and black pen for the design. You will see some symbols too. Those are runes (altough I just realized I messed up some of them). When I was done with the first design I still had some space left and I felt like runes would fit perfectly. So I did that.

I’m happy how all this turned out and fortunately I managed to stick with the design in later spreads too.

2.Monthly spread

This the first calendar in my new Bullet Journal and the grid sizing is a bit different from my last journal so I don’t know whether the space is going to be enough. If you are just starting your Bullet Journal, remember to always experiment with different layouts until you find what suits you the best.

3.Habits and Fitness

These two spreads have been the same for a long time now. The only difference is that instead of crossing out the days in my Habit tracker, I will indicate them with coloring the days. What I will have to keep in mind is that I would like to build some new habits during 2023 and I’m not sure if one page of Habit tracker is going to be enough for that.

3.Instagram trackers

I will need to explain some things here, but I promise it’s not as bad as you might think at first sight.

Let’s start with the Insta content page.

It’s made up of 4 main parts.

1st is a calendar where I will keep track of the days I posted on. (Top left corner)

2nd is a Brainstorming bracket where I can come up with post ideas for you. (Top right corner)

3rd is actually a recreation of and Instagram feed. I will write the “code names” of the posts there so I know what I want to post during the entire month. (Bottom left corner)

And finally a I have a place where I will come up with MyStory ideas for every week. I will have one main content every week in MyStories and I would like to keep the rest for random posts. (Bottom right corner)

And now for the Insta stats.

This is actually a spread I already did in some months during 2022. It’s going to be statistics where I will track my follower count, likes, comments and reach.

If you would like to know how these things look like in use, drop a comment!

Also if you like this post so far I would really appreciate it if you could check my Instagram out here. I would like to achieve 3000 Followers in 2023 and you could help me do that. Thank you!

4.Blog tracker

I have some serious goals with my Instagram and Blog for 2023 so I transformed both trackers. They take up two pages now.

The blog tracker haven’t changed a lot. I have a calendar that will indicate the days when I plan my blog posts, I have a to-do list below that and a Brainstorm bracket on the bottom.

The page on the left is mostly a statistics page where I will be able to compare how different posts did during the month and I also have a place on top right corner where I can take notes on what I have to do for the up coming months.


I’m not sure my reading tracker will ever change. It works so well that I never really have the idea to change it to something else.

I can track the title and the author with the review out of five on the left and the daily pages I’ve read on the right. What else would I need?

6.Weekly log

I mostly use my weekly log to keep my daily to-do lists in one place. I have a weekly to-do list which you can see on the left. I will write everything that needs to be done there. After that I’m able to plan my week accordingly.

On the right bottom there is a small sleep log too. I didn’t want a whole page to track my sleeping, but I had some troubles with it lately, so I thought I would use it for a certain amount of time to solve the problem.

That is all! Thank you so so much for reading this post. Have you started a bullet Journal for 2023? Are you a first timer or rookie? Let me know in the comments!

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