Best habits to start in 2023

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To start the year right I gathered for you some blog posts that would put you in the ideal mindset for a successful year.

This one is going to be no different than the previous ones (which I highly recommend for you to read, but only when you’ve finished this!).

One of my main goals for 2023 is to get more into habits, test them, learn them and choose the ones that will help me on my way to my goals the most.

So let’s see what are some habits that I think will reshape your life and will make you unrecognizable by the end of the year.

1.Any type of journaling

If you have a lot on your mind I highly recommend journaling. Any type! It can be a junk journal, or prompt based journal or a journal where you brainstorm ideas on any kind of project. Journaling is beneficial in countless of ways: it will help you organize your thoughts, boosts your creativity, helps your mental health and so on.

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2.Drinking water

I promise you guys, I didn’t know how important this was until I started doing it too. So besides all the health benefits, did you know that it will be good for your skin and drinking enough water will also help you loose weight since it will boost your digestion? Not to mention that you will just feel this sense of health and clarity that no one really talks about. I just feel better when I drink water.

3.Read one page a day

If you are not a reader you probably think books are boring or you don’t have time for them. Have you actually thought about why successful people recommend reading? Books are to this day one of the most reliable sources of knowledge, not mention their thought provoking and motivating content. Reading will make you live hundreds of lives in hours, it will help you avoid thousand of mistakes and it will bring you millions of thoughts.


I’m going to be honest, I needed years to transform my view on the gym. I used to go to the gym to loose weight and be mad at myself for not hitting my goals. Body dysmorphia, comparing myself to others and constant anxiety was part of my life.

The turning point came a couple of months ago, at the end of 2022. I skipped a month or so, because my life was chaotic. I went through a difficult time and when I finally started to come out of it, I started to miss the gym so much. I had problems with sleeping and eating. I would lay awake until nine in the morning because I was just not sleepy, I would have to remind myself to eat, because I didn’t feel hunger.

After I started to go the gym again all of that got better. It didn’t solve all my problems, but I was able to move out all the stress and other emotions that I had during that time, which improved my sleeping and eating habits.

I’m still not my old self, but I go to the gym for a different reason now. I go there to live normally. Sport and exercise is part of my life now. I identify as a person who is a gym person and that’s what you want to achieve with your habits.

You don’t have to go to the gym too. If you already have the sport you enjoy, stick with it, if not, mess around! Exercising brings so much good into you life, especially when you find the kind of sports you enjoy.

5.Go for a walk without distraction

That means no music, no phone, no nothing. Just you and your thoughts. I noticed this on myself first. I always need some sort of impulse. Also if I’m able to multitask on something, I will multitask. And that’s just so tiring to our brain! We don’t even recognize it! Also it makes it harder to do tasks that doesn’t bring that much impulse with them. (Like writing this Blog Post) That’s why I feel like that people need to schedule some “low-intensity” time. It will not only feel like as a well deserved rest, but will also help with your concentration. Your mind will be able to slow down and therefore do things that are considered hard, mostly because they don’t provide impulses.

6.Write down your TO-DO list

This is probably a game changer if you are the kind of person who keeps their lists in their head. I’m telling you, writing your tasks down will not only make you more organized, but less anxious and more productive. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would constantly stress on what they are forgetting, what should they be doing, where should they be? Just by writing everything down, this feeling that was strapped on my chest went away. Also seeing my tasks written down reminds me of what I should be doing. It’s easier to plan my day which makes it more productive.

7.Switch an unhealthy snack to a healthy one

I love chocolate, I used to love it even more a couple of years ago! I would eat it daily, but when I stopped my dancing career I had to change my eating habits. I had to get rid of all the chocolate my not-so-healthy diet contained. What I did was I started to eat an apple instead of a chocolate or even a full meal. I had to realize that I was also eating chocolate when I didn’t really crave it, I was just hungry. That was the case with most of the snacks and I managed to transform that. Now I only eat unhealthy snacks when I really want to. Like my favorite bag of chips when I want a movie night, or a chocolate before the gym if I need extra energy.

8.Try something new as often as you can

Don’t think about big things. You can try something new everyday. You can grab a coffee from a new place, go home with taking a little trip around your neighborhood, listen to a new band or just trying a new food. There is so much to explore in this world and when you start to see it for yourself you will become a person who lives life to the fullest. That gives you a sense of reason to live for. Experiences and memories makes us more human, more alive and therefore, more happy.

9.Expand your knowledge

This one is a bit similar to my previous point, but the objective here is to be a more interesting person. I always enjoy conversations with people who are able to talk about loads of things. That’s what you might call, a colorful personality. Expanding your knowledge is not only about studying, it’s about being curious and wanting to know more, exploring this world. And people with colorful personalities can have so much more meaningful conversations.

10.Remind yourself to live in the moment

That’s a habit I also have to practice this year. We can get so carried away by our phones, out thoughts, worries, plans, memories. We miss out on the most magical part of our lives… living.

So now, dear reader, you probably chose some habits that you would like to implement in your life, but please! Never ever forget to appreciate the moment. Appreciate what you feel and how you feel. Appreciate that you are here and that you are breathing. There are people who love you and support you. There are things that make you smile, even laugh.

And there is still so much more waiting to be discovered. New places to go, new foods to try and new songs to listen to. This life is full of beautiful things and beautiful people. Never forget to experience that while also working on the future.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope I managed to give you something that will help you through your journey here on Earth.

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