Valentine’s day = Pink and flowers – February Bullet Journal 2023.

Welcome to another month and another setup! If you missed my previous Bullet Journal setups, and you would be interested click here and check those out too!

I’m going to be completely honest, I had no idea of what I should do for February. I’ve been scrolling Pinterest for ages and saved a couple of themes to get my creativity going. I managed to find a concept that I liked and I actually already did something similar back in July. It was mixing flowers with geometric shapes. Roses and triangles to be exact.

So let’s see what I managed to create for February 2023.


If you’ve been following my Bullet Journal journey, you probably know by now that I mostly use the cover to experiment with the design I have in mind. February was one of the months where this trick came handy. I didn’t know what supplies to use so I thought I would have a leap of faith and try coloring with pencils… it looked so bad that I went over it with my markers. I like solid, vibrant colors and I’m not a big enough expert to achieve that with pencil. At least I’m satisfied with the final version.

2.Monthly log

I miss my previous Bullet Journal a little. I never had a problem with ink hitting through the papers with that, but it’s a constant problem with my Leuchtturm1917. I mean it’s not a surprise, the papers are half as thick here than in my 2022 one.


I started some new habits in January which made me change my Habits tracker layout. I don’t mind it though, I already have an idea that I will not just cross out a grid when I completed a habit, but I will try to make a pattern here. And since I want satisfaction, completing the pattern as much as possible will motivate me to do each habit.

P.s.: No problem if you don’t understand what I’m talking about yet. Follow me on Instagram to see how I use my spreads.

4.Fitness tracker

I really think I found the perfect layout for me here. I know I tell you this in every Bullet Journal blog post, but I can’t help it! I don’t know how long I have been using this layout, but I swear I will check it for you next month.

It’s really simple to use and to make. I track what I trained for and when on the left, and how much calories I’ve burnt on the right. That’s it and that’s all I need.

5.Instagram content spreads

Last month I redesigned my Instagram tracker layout. I had so much difficulty with planning my content for Instagram and the new spread made it so much easier in January. I feel like it’s still not perfect yet, but I need a little more experimenting to evolve the system.

6.Blog content spreads

I’m so glad that I also reinvented my blogger spreads too. Content creation can be messy and overwhelming, but both of these spreads helped me so much to stay on the top of my game.


This one is the other spread that I won’t think of changing in the near future, although I should read more books. I had difficulties with reading for some time now, but I really want to get back in the game.

And that’s it! This is my spread to keep crushing 2023 in February too! How is your Bullet Journal going? Hit me up in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I hope you liked it and if you did, I would really appreciate it if you could check out some of my other posts too and wander around here bit, you might like it!

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