Booktok prompts to never run out of ideas!

We all know that TikTok has concurred the internet in the last couple of years and since it allows you to consume insane amounts of content in just minutes, it also requires their content creators to produce insane amount of content, which you probably know how hard is if you did anything like that before.

So today I thought I will get some ideas together in the hopes to inspire your next Booktok and help you keep up with your content. Let’s see the prompts!

1.If you loved reading _____________ you should read ______________

2.Book recommendations in genres

3.Aesthetic montage of a book you’ve read

4.Favorite quotes from your last read

5.Match your outfit to a cover

6.Pretty cover book challenge

7.”Oops, got your comfort character…” sound

8.Hyped books you hated

9.Best standalone books

10.Does the booktok book worth it or not with a simple yes or no

11.Books you bought vs the books you read

12.Five 5 star reads

13.Books that made you cry

14.Book haul of your last purchase or library session

15.Best book villains

16.Monthly wrap-up of the books you’ve read

17.Bookshelf reorganization

18.Reading ambient aesthetic

19.Best book boyfriends

20.The concept of a book you would want to read

I hope this 20 ideas helped you in coming up with new content, and if make sure to show the finished video to me! Let’s be friends on TikTok and tag me in a video if you found this post useful!

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