Among Us as party game – Rules

When you have a house party with a bunch of different people who might not know each other that well, I recommend you play this game. I had a party like that not long ago, and I was thinking about an activity that would help people open up.

It was one of the best ideas I ever had.

Most of you are probably familiar with the popular game that was trending during COVID, Among Us. It’s an online murder mystery game, where a space crew tries to fix their spacecraft, but there are two impostors sabotaging and killing crew-mates.

Now this party game is something similar, yet different. We used to play something also similar in a summer camp, but there needed to be some changes that would make it party appropriate. It would be hard to pay attention to all those things during a party, so the “crew-mates” or innocents won’t do tasks. They just need to figure out who the killers are before everyone dies. While the killers’ objective is to kill everyone…

Accessories you will need:

– A deck of cards or scraps of paper

– A marker

– Thread or ribbon

Game setup:

1. Get as many pieces of papers (or cards) as players and mark two of them with an X or anything else. (We played with a deck of cards and put the Jokers in as special cards)

2.Everyone pulls from the papers and the two person who gets the special card, they become the killers. Everyone needs to keep their piece of paper or card with them and they can’t show it to anyone (except the killers).

3.Tie a piece of thread on everyone’s wrist, that will indicate their life.


– The killers can kill by showing their special card to an innocent.

– When an innocent dies, they have to take down their ribbon, that’s the only thing they can do to indicate they died until the next meeting, where they will announce their death.

– A killer can only kill one person at a time. If they show their cards to more than one innocent who is alive, only one of them dies, the other one can snitch out the killer, but only in the next meeting. (If you feel like there would be some conflicts regarding this rule, set a kill cooldown or an emergency meeting option).

– A killer can kill someone in the company of a dead member (or multiple as long as all of them are dead and the killer only “aims” at one target)

– I recommend having a meeting every 30 to 60 minutes. (Depends on the mood)

– The meeting starts with announcing the victims of the turn who will raise their hands.

– After that the accusations can begin.

– A person can get voted off if they receive at least 3 votes. After that they have a last chance to defend themselves and change the mind of the people who voted on them.

– The voting is opened, but if an innocent person gets voted off, they stay alive and the others who voted on the innocent one, dies.

– You can vote out multiple person during one meeting if you want to.

– Killers can fake their deaths, which means they only stop operating if the crew discovers their identity. Other than that, they could be dead or alive, which helps them frame someone innocent.

– If the killers discover each other, they can work together.


If you would like to spice things up, mix a Shot of the dead, which can be a random alcohol and everyone who dies, have to take a shot.

So this is everything you need to know! These are the basics but don’t be afraid to make changes and you don’t have to strictly stick to the rules. The point is to have fun! Also if you have any questions feel free to ask it in the comments. Thank you for being here!

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