What to do with an empty notebook?

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Stop collecting pretty journals that will stay empty! Start to actually use them and I’m going to give you ideas today on how to.

I’m also a big journal collector, but I usually use at least 3-5 journals all at once.

As I’m writing this blog post I have:

– A Bullet Journal

– A Blogging Journal

– A Morning Journal

– A Diary

– And a dump journal for random notes

And I’ve been thinking about starting a travel journal, but I guess that will have to wait. I am a really big fan of using journals and going with the old school pen and paper whenever I have the chance, but I also understand that sometimes you just don’t what to put out on those empty (and very scary pages).

1.Bullet Journal

I’m using my Bullet Journal the most. It helps me with creativity and orgnaizing, but the best part is that you can customize it as much as you want it. Bullet Journaling is like all of the journals I will mention belowtogether. You can basically do a spread for anything if you are creative enough (or you know, just check out Pinterest).

If you are interested in this type of journal I already wrote a couple of Blog Posts about it. Check them out by clicking here!

2.Travel Journal

I’ve been traveling almost every other month for some time now, and I really have no place to store my tickets, souvenirs, map or basically anything that I save from a trip. That’s why I’m thinking about starting one, which might happen soon. Until then check out my Pinterest board on the subject!

3.Prompt Journal

Use a prompt journal when you need to get your ideas flowing by a question or a thought. It’s great to use it for self-discovery, self-development and mental health, but you can find prompts on the internet with tons of different themes and subjects.

If you are interested in this type of journaling I highly recommend checking out Promptly Journals. They have all sorts of prompt journals for different purposes so you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

4.Art Journal

The name speaks for it’s self. I recommend this type of journaling for highly creative and artistic people (I guess that’s not a surprise). You art journal can be about anything from a mood board to a doodle or a whole piece of art. Maybe calligraphy too. You just have to focus on the process of making something on an empty paper.

5.Reading Journal

Readers, does this look cool?

What about this?

And what if I tell you that there is a way, where you can keep all of your reads and reviews of the year in one place. A reading journal is something just for you. I know how motivating and satisfying it can be to see the progress with your books and be able to look back on your reviews years from now. A reading journal is what you need, I swear.

6.Summer Diary

I know that keeping up a diary can be a big commitment and most people won’t do it for ever. But keeping a diary just throughout the summer is more manageable not to mention that you are most likely to take your adventures during Summer. I had one of these multiple times before and I love to look back on them.

7.The unsent letters Journal

This is something I came across on Pinterest but I love this idea so much that I’m actually thinking about starting. Have you ever felt like you would say so many things to a person, but then ended up holding your feelings back and feeling like you bottled it up? Like the truth wants to burst out of you with such a high power that it’s almost physically hard to hold it back? That’s the journal you need if the answer is yes. The journal where you can say everything you never could.

That’s all I brought for you today! I hope one of the ideas actually caught your attention and you will discover how fun it is to keep journals. I still have a couple of more ideas, so if you are interested in those too, let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading!

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