February Obsessions ‘23

I’m gonna try and give a go to a new series here, because as a fellow book lover who can get invested in a world really easily I usually get really obsessed with things for a certain period of time. And I post about so many things that I thought why not post about EVERYTHING that has made an impact on me every month. It’s gonna be fun, I promise. (For me it’s gonna be fun for sure.)


Reading has not been my strong point in the last couple of months. I’ve been trying to fight myself through The Witcher series, but I gave up after 2-3 months of battle.

I started to read a Hungarian book though, which is about how we can inherit psychological behaviors from our ancestors. It’s pretty cool.

The other book that I kinda HAD to be obsessed about was mine, Beside You which will be out on March 11th! I’ve been creating content about it lately so I was spending a lot of time with this piece. (I’m pretty proud to be honest!)

So these were the book obsessions for this month.



So I don’t want to write Formula 1 here as an obsession, since the races only start at the beginning of March, but the new season of Drive To Survive did not let me get bored during my sickness last week which I had to spend in my bed.


I went out of town with a couple of friends for a weekend and we decided to rewatch Cars and go down on nostalgia lane. IT WAS SO GOOD! No wonder I’m obsessed with Formula 1, Cars was one of my favorite movies as a kid. (Maybe still)

Talking about childhood favorites I was a big fan of Spiderman, but the Tom Holland versions never really interested me… Until I realized that all the Spidermans had been in the last part of the trilogy! I had to watch it and I can positively say, it was a soul healing journey and I celebrated a new comfort movie.


My Playist this month:


When we were out of town with friends we played one of my tabletop games I have called Perudo. It’s a dice game where you try your luck by betting on different scores that are possibly on the table. This has become not only my obsession, but everyone else’s too.

I also got back into gaming a little during February and I played a couple of hours of Heartstone during one of the weekends. I normally don’t have time to video games, therefore I try to avoid them, but I get my hands on them occasionally as a way to relax.

These were my February obsessions! Now feel free to write one of yours from each category and let’s have a little chat in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and see you guys in the next one!

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