Honey or just simply geomteric? – April Bullet Journal 2023.

Another month another Bullet Journal spread. I wanted to go all out after the simplicity of my March Bullet Journal. I don’t know what you guys think, but I feel like every month is more chaotic than the one before. And March was not an exception, but I still sat down and tried to come up with a nice design for April.

A little reminder for those of you who would like to start Bullet Journaling or who are only at the beginning of their journey: You don’t have to come up with insane creative ideas for every month. Sometimes it’s a win if you just drew up your the spreads the simplest way possible.

With that said, I think it’s time to roll into this month’s spread. What do you think?


I had a difficult to think of a theme that would match not only to my mood, but also April. I kind of feel like April has the same vibe as the color yellow. I did most of my April spreads in yellow (except the one in 2022 which had the theme of greek pillars).

I finally decided to do something honey and bees related… it did not turn out like that. I think it still looks cool though.


What I’m really happy about is that I changed the design of my calendar a bit. I usually do this typical grid style, but I used a different design this time, which is more focused on creating a single grid for every day.


In February I couldn’t concentrate that much on my habits, so my desired pattern did not turn out that well, but I decided to retry in April.

Just so you guys know what I’m talking about, here is how my February habit tracker looked like by the end of the month:

You will notice I have a bit less habits for April, because I feel like I just need to have a restart with them so instead of trying to manage all of them at the same time, I’ll only focus on a couple of them.

I still left some space in case I’d like to add anything throughout the month, but we’ll see. If I can manage at least these, I think that’s a win.


The name of this spread only changed because the word fitness was too long…

Anyways this is one of the two spreads I never really change. I’m satisfied with it. Works fine, looks nice. I recommend it to anyone who is on a fitness journey.


When you are an online content creator it’s really important to look at the statistics in order to grow. Also planning your content is key and can be something that is hard to manage. I’m really happy with this spread. I changed the format a bit, because I want to change some things in my Instagram content, but that has to stay the mystery of the future.


It’s the same with my blog. I’m planning my content on the left and then tracking statistics on the right.


I’ve been getting back to reading during March, which I’m really happy about. This is the other spread that I usually don’t change up. I track the books I’ve read, the reviews I gave and the number of pages I read each day. I don’t need anything else.

And on the right side you can see the first two days of April already in a weekly log format.

Overall I like how this all turned out. I love the colors and the creativity too that it radiates. This is so far my second favorite spread this year. The first still has to be my January Bullet Journal spread check that out too if you need a little inspiration for your next setup.

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you’ve made it this far let me know what kind of theme should I do for May! And since you are already here I’d really appreciate if you could check out some of my other blog posts. I write on lot of different things from travel to fashion and lifestyle all the way to self-help or books.

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