About Me

Greetings from this corner of the internet which I have managed to conquer for myself. But who am I, you may ask? 

My name is Carmen, I am a Hungarian girl with big dreams, dad jokes and mad DJ skills. Welcome to my blog!

Here you can find all sorts of bits and pieces of my life and the things I love from travel and photography, through lifestyle all the way to creativity, fashion and writing. 

My dream is to become a published author one day and make a high quality life from what I love doing the most: writing. 

I write all sorts of things: blog posts, small novels, long books, sometimes poems when I feel super dangerous. 

I love to entertain people by pushing them out of their everyday life. It can be one of my stories they enjoy, or a blog post where I try to show a different perspective of this colorful world, it doesn’t matter. If I can have an impact on you with my writing in any way (hopefully positively) then I am more than happy with my work. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! It’s great that you are here and I can only hope that reading from me will make you feel like your time was invested in the best place possible.